Hippogriff Kingdom

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Hippogriff Kingdom
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The Hippogriff Kingdom was a small, but ancient realm located in and around Mount Aris. The kingdom in its long history was famous for many things, such as its brilliant architecture, peaceful nature and diplomatic ventures. Many highlights in its history involve the construction of Vetera Tower, stopping the Zephyr War from turning violent and bouncing back after near destruction in the Storm War.


The Hippogriff culture is said to be among the oldest in the world, though much of their early history remains unclear.[1] Their first known king was Vetera, who the Vetera Tower was built after[1] and they seemed to have developed their own writing system, which curiously had glyph's resembling both Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash's cutie marks.[2] Sometime later in their history, they mediated the conflict between the Griffon and Pegasi who had begun a conflict known as the Zephyr War and caused the two sides to not only unite, but found a kingdom in the east of Equestria.[1]

Their kingdom was utterly conquered by the Storm King in the Era of Twilight,[2] who had reduced their former capital to a "ghost town".[3] During this period, Hippogriffs used the Orb of Transformation to turn into Seaponies in order to escape the wrath of the Storm King and founded the city of Seaquestria, which served as the new capital of the realm.[2]

During the war, Twilight Sparkle and the Mane Six plus Spike traveled to Mount Aris in order to gain the aid of Queen Novo but to their dismay, they found the kingdom in ruins. They managed to enter Seaquestria through the Lotus Fountain and nearly gained their help in the war, until Twilight Sparkle messed it up by stealing the Orb of Transformation. However, the Hippogriffs still came through for Equestria in the end, primarily lead by Novo's daughter, Princess Skystar[2]

After the war, the Hippogriff Village was rebuilt and several Hippogriffs went to live on land, while many stayed underwater. Despite this, the two sides seemed friendly enough. The above side Hippogriffs developed a new holiday called "Glad to Be a Hippogriff Festival".[3]

Around this time, Hippogriff relations with Equestria began to develop once again too. Queen Novo attended the Convocation of the Creatures at Mount Metazoa with other monarchs[4] and allowed for Silverstream to attend the School of Friendship.[5]


The Hippogriff culture was very proud, but also very friendly. Hospitality was among their highest concerns for newcomers and foreigners and gladly allowed creatures of other species to partake in their festivals and events. They simply loved life and enjoyed living it in every way they could. That said, during the Storm War, they were understandably quite paranoid of outsiders and initially believed the Mane Six to be invaders and thus treated them with hostility until they realized they were not evil at all.

It is fairly common for Hippogriff names to evoke water and/or air, though there are exceptions.

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