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Farasi is a nation located some distance away from Equestria. It is primarily inhabited by Zebras, terrestrial Kelpies, and Abada.


Thousands of years before the Apocalypse, Farasi was visited by the Knights of Harmony, who discovered the Tree of History and constructed a temple around it, bestowing its Elements of Harmony upon the inhabitants. Unfortunately, Discord later turned the inhabitants of Farasi, alongside those of Abyssinia and Caninia, against the Knights. This led to the Zebras-possibly the only or dominant inhabitants of Farasi at the time-declaring war on the Knights' homeland of Cunabula, only to be repulsed along with the Cat lords and Diamond Dogs who joined them in the assault. Afterwards, the Knights hid the temple they had built from Farasi's inhabitants with its Elements locked away inside, creating the Grootslang to keep intruders away.[1][2]

By the time of Zecora, one of Farasi’s more notable natives, the kingdom of Farasi was ruled over by four princes, with Prince Abraxas apparently being the most prominent. The capital of Farasi was by this time Zebrat, where Zecora and her closest friends grew up. By the time Zecora returned after spending years in Equestria, her friend Marini served as mayor of Zebrat. Unfortunately, the country was at this time plagued by drought and by the vicious attacks of the Grootslang.

Zecora returned to Farasi as part of an Equestrian delegation sent by Twilight Sparkle, recently crowned Queen of Equestria. After helping repulse an attack by the Grootslang on Zebrat, Zecora and her fellow delegates-along with her childhood friends-traveled into the desert to try and find a means of thwarting the Grootslang once and for all. After a series of adventures, they rediscovered the desert temple and were attacked by the Grootslang. However, Zecora and her friends proved to be the embodiments of Farasi's Elements, and were thus able to use them to destroy the creature.

With the death of the beast and the reactivation of the Elements, Farasi entered a new period of peace and prosperity, with the drought ending and life returning to the once desolate landscapes. Prince Abraxas sent the delegation of Equestrians home with many gifts expressing his gratitude. Unfortunately, the temple's reactivation was soon discovered by the present Knights of Harmony.[3]

Behind the scenes

Farasi was the primary location featured in the first arc in Friendship is Magic season 10. The name Farasi means Horse in Swahili.


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