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Ornithia, also known as the Bird Kingdom, is a land beyond Equestria that is home to the Ornithians, a collection of anthropomorphic bird races.


Ornithia was one of five ancient kingdoms-the others being Abyssinia, Caninia, Cunabula, and Farasi-where Trees of Harmony came into being under unknown circumstances. Ornithia's tree was the Tree of Love, and the ancient Knights of Harmony built a temple around it as they did in the other lands. Ornithia was the only nation not to be goaded into making war on Cunabula by Discord, and thus its inhabitants retained their knowledge of the existence of their Tree and its temple. However, their Elements of Love became inactive just as the Elements of Purpose, Family, and History did.[1][2]


Ornithia is based in a large mountain range, with various areas being home to different groups of birds. Areas include the Parrot Peaks, which are home to Parrots as their name suggests. The highest summit is occupied primarily by Hawks and Eagles, who dominate the social structure of Ornithia, including the palace of the Ornithian royal family.


Ornithia is likely derived from the word "ornis", which means bird in Greek. Interestingly, the board game Summoner Wars features a race of figures called "Ornithians" which are described as humanoid birdmen which were introduced at least six years prior to the Ornithian race in My Little Pony, and a comic book entitled Ornithia featured anthropomorphic birds as well.


  • There is a bird watching community based in Málaga, Spain, named Ornithia.



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