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The Italian island of Capri

Italy is a country located in southern Europe. In its more ancient days, the Roman Empire existed within its borders. Italy is home to the island of Capri and the Tyrrhenian Sea.


My Little Pony: The Movie

Roman Empire

The Moochick transported Megan and her friends to the island of Capri, the showed them the Tyrrhenian Sea. Later, he showed them the Hippodrome in Rome.

Italian My Little Pony comic books

Several places were given unique, Italian names, such as:

Friendship is Magic

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Grogar, or more accurately, Discord disguised as Grogar, visited Pisa.


In our world

People from Italy

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Italy is home to Panini Comics, an Italian comic publisher who publishes My Little Pony comics, such as My Little Pony: L'amicizia è magica – La notte degli incubi

Friendship is Magic cartoon

The Italian dub for Friendship is Magic is famous for having its own unique opening which has often been compared to an anime opening. Despite this, it doesn't actually the more iconic hallmarks of typical Japanese openings such as original animation, but tends to use animaton from the cartoon in a way that fits the tone of the song.

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