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Not to be confused with Aquastria, a place with a similar name
2017MOVIE Seaquestria.png
Location Celestial Sea
Type City
First My Little Pony: The Movie
Last "Surf and/or Turf"

Seaquestria was the capital of the Hippogriff Kingdom after the Storm War had destroyed the original. A sprawling, aquatic metropolis, Seaquestria was home to spectacles such as Queen Novo's castle and many gorgeous homes.


After the Storm King had destroyed the original capital, Queen Novo had her subjects move into the sea in order to escape his wrath. In the sea, they founded Seaquestria within a short period of time and managed to build it up as an impressive city. Still, some citizens, most notably Princess Skystar, grew lonely in the city, missing the outside surface world. Skystar would often spend her days in the Lotus Fountain, a location that connected the two worlds and there she met the Mane Six and Spike who used the fountain to enter Seaquestria.

In the underwater city, they befriended Skystar and the populace and nearly convinced the queen to aid them in their efforts against the Storm King, but Twilight's impulsive nature had her nearly steal the Orb of Transformation, an object used to transform the Hippogriffs into Seaponies, to use in their struggle, causing them to be banished from the city.

Much later, after the war, much of the original capital was restored, forming the Hippogriff Village, though Seaquestria remained the capital city. Several Hippogriffs moved back to the surface, but several stayed behind, causing both cities to become quite populated and prosperous.




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