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Not to be confused with Changeling Castle, a location from The Return of Queen Chrysalis and a shop in My Little Pony: Magic Princess.
Changeling Hive
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The Changeling Hive is a massive structure in the Changeling Kingdom that appears to serve as the home of all the Changelings.


It is unknown when the Hive was established, though at least a few generations of Changelings-including Thorax, Pharynx, Ocellus, and her siblings-were apparently born there. The Hive was ruled over by Queen Chrysalis, who led her subjects in seeking to feed on the love of other creatures in order to sustain themselves. After a number of failures, she had the Four Princesses of Equestria, Shining Armor, Flurry Heart, and the rest of the future Council of Friendship captured and brought to the Hive. With her Changelings impersonating these beloved figures, Chrysalis hoped to harvest the love felt for them by Equestria’s inhabitants, insuring a plentiful food supply for her subjects.

However, Chrysalis failed to account for the Reformed Rabble-Rousers, who infiltrated the Hive in a bid to rescue the captives. Though hampered by Chrysalis' throne, which prevented the use of non-Changeling Magic within her domain, the group made their way through the Hive guided by Thorax. Discord and Trixie were eventually captured, but the others managed to reach the throne room. Disguised as Starlight Glimmer, Thorax distracted Chrysalis while the real Starlight desperately attempted to destroy the throne.

Chrysalis then disclosed her plans to Starlight, who questioned the need for it based on her time spent with Thorax. Chrysalis rejected her suggestion that the Changelings could ever live a life that didn’t involve feeding on the love of others. She then attempted to drain Thorax of the love he had found living among ponies, only to be blasted back when Thorax followed Starlight’s counsel you share his love. Thus began the Changeling Metamorphosis, with the other Changelings embracing Thorax’s example and transforming into beings who shared love rather than stealing it.

Faced with her no longer loyal subjects and the freed captives, Chrysalis was offered a chance to join her people in their new way of life. However, she rejected this invitation, swearing revenge upon Starlight Glimmer before fleeing. With that, Thorax assumed the mantle of Changeling leader, signaling a peaceful alliance between the Changelings and Equestria.[1]

In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the Changeling Hive inspired two residential structures in Canterlot, based on its appearance before and after the Metamorphosis. One structure is called the Changeling Hive, and is home to all of the unmetamorphosed Changeling characters in the game. The other is called the Changeling Castle (not to be confused with the Ponyville shop of the same name) and is home to several metamorphosed Changelings.





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