Midnight Castle

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Midnight Castle
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"Rescue at Midnight Castle"

Midnight Castle was the lair of Tirek from which he sought to unleash endless night.


Little is known of the history of Midnight Castle, including whether Tirek was its original owner or whether he might have seized it from someone else, such as Scorpan. In any event, it served as Tirek's base of operations from which he dispatched Scorpan, his soldiers, and the Stratadons on missions. The soldiers also patrolled Midnight Castle, which was also home to Scorpan's dragon friend Spike. Following a raid on Dream Castle, Scorpan returned to Midnight Castle with two captive Ponies, only to incur Tirek's wrath by not bringing the four necessary to pull Tirek's Chariot of Midnight. Scorpan subsequently made another raid, seizing two more ponies, but the young pony Ember proved too small for Tirek's purposes.

Tirek used his Rainbow of Darkness to transform the adult Ponies into dragon-like monsters, warning Scorpan that any further failure would be punished with Spike's execution. Determined to prevent this, Scorpan freed the captive Ember and attempted to escape with her and Spike. The party ended up meeting with a group of ponies led by Megan Williams, only for Applejack, one of their number, to be captured and transformed by Tirek. The unlikely allies fought their way to the roof of the castle, only for Tirek to emerge in his chariot. After a fearsome struggle, Tirek and his rainbow were destroyed by the Rainbow of Light, while Midnight Castle faded from existence.


The castle has a brutal aesthetic, dark and dreary with strong, jagged and dark stones dotting its construction. The inside of the castle lacks any fanciful sites one would typically see in a castle, and instead appears more like a dungeon, with many long, featureless hallways and prisons.


Midnight Castle didn't have a high culture. Most of the inhabitants of the land were either captured prisoners or potentially mindless or at least simple-minded servants with little in the way of freewill. The kingdom was an absolute monarchy with its king, Tirek, controlling all the power. The closest thing to any other person of power was Scorpan who commanded his military might, but was still a peon in comparison.

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