Crystal Castle

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Not to be confused with King Sombra's Castle, his My Little Pony: Magic Princess residence, or Sinister Castle, the Magic Princess castle modeled after the corrupted Crystal Castle.
Crystal Castle
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LocationCrystal Empire

The Crystal Castle is a castle located in the Crystal Empire.


The Crystal Castle was presumably built by Princess Amore, who served as the Empire’s first queen. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna visited the castle in their early days as rulers of Equestria.[1] Amore resided in the castle until she was overthrown by King Sombra, who altered its appearance when he assumed power. This included opening a hidden stairway leading to a chamber containing the door to the Shadow Prison, as well as to a door leading to another hidden staircase.

In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the castle is home to a number of characters who travel between various locations, as well as a couple who live only in the Crystal Empire.





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