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Our Town
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Our Town is a small village located in northeastern Equestria.



The village was founded by Starlight Glimmer as a community for Ponies who shared her anti-Cutie Mark viewpoint. Its inhabitants had their Cutie Marks removed by Starlight's magic, though she concealed this fact and the retention of her own Cutie Mark by attributing the effects to the "Staff of Sameness". This object, touted as one of the relics of Mage Meadowbrook, was in fact an ordinary piece of wood.[1] Conveniently for Starlight's purposes, the village happened to be located in close proximity to a large cave containing a stone capable of housing the extracted Cutie Marks. She became aware of this fact after a chance encounter with Maud Pie, who was in the area doin research for her Rocktorate.[2]

Mane Six visit

Geography and culture

Unlike Ponyville, Our Town sits in a rather arid, mountainous region that has little in the way of natural vegetation. It is largely isolated from the rest of Equestria, with the Friendship Express line not extending all the way to the village at the time of the Mane Six's initial visit. Instead, the Mane Six were forced to get off at the end of the line, travel across a long rope bridge, and then make their way down to the village from the surrounding mountains. It is possible this situation was later improved, as Big McIntosh later began making routine deliveries to the village, with his future wife Sugar Belle also making regular trips in the opposite direction to Ponyville.

Initially, the village was built on a culture of rejecting Cutie Marks, believing that the special talents they represented divided ponies from one another, and led to differing opinions that could only cause contention. However, some of the residents came to question this viewpoint, particularly after seeing how the Mane Six could remain friends despite occasional disagreements and their wildly differing Cutie Marks. Ultimately, however, the cult of "sameness" was broken when its leader Starlight Glimmer was revealed to be a fraud, concealing the fact that she retained possession of her own Cutie Mark and its accompanying talent. Reclaiming their Cutie Marks, her former followers determined to remain in the village after Starlight had been driven out.


Composed of ponies who all left their previous places of residence in search of purpose in life, Our Town-while small-was among the more diverse Equestrian settlements. The Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus tribes are all well-represented among the inhabitants.

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According to the official Map of Equestria, Our Town is located near the northeast corner of the entire landmass of Greater Equestria, near Canterlot Mountain.


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