Winged Citadel

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Winged Citadel
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LocationMount Aris
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The Winged Citadel was a structure found on Mount Aris, in the Hippogriff Kingdom.


The Winged Citadel was an ancient structure, with a history that stretched back thousands of years prior to the Era of Twilight. Considered to be the 4th wonder of the world, the citadel inspired countless stories and poems over the years, the majority of which had been lost to history. Formed by the Hippogriffs, many of whom believe to be the oldest race to walk upon the earth, the citadel was a spiraling fortress that helped protect the already well-defended residents of the city of Hippogriffia.

Sprouting from the Citadel lied the Vetera Tower, a large, metallic structure built in the honor of Vetera, the oldest known Hippogriff king. Within the tower resided the breathtaking Lotus Fountain, which served as the gateway to Seaquestria, the kingdom of the Hippogriffs founded after their defeat by the hands of the Storm King in the horrific Storm Wars.


The citadel is located on Mount Aris, and island east of the Pine Barrens of the southern edges of The Mysterious South, home of the Cat lord peoples.


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