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Friendship is Magic #24

Anugypt was a kingdom located on Greater Equetria in the ancient days. An ancient "lost civilization", Anugypt appeared to be among the first Pony settlements, or at least among the first not directly connected to the Three tribes.


Anugypt was a proper kingdom ruled over by Kings and Queens. A Pyramid building civilization, Anugypt was quite ahead of its time in many ways such as construction, government and society. When Zecora was traveling through time, she briefly came across a Pyramid building civilization, which was most likely an early period of Anugyptian history.

The kingdom at the very least lasted until the Age of Heroes, as King Anubis was among the Expies of Nightmare, which was unleashed by a young Princess Luna. It's unknown whether or not Anubis was a good king before his fall, but his reign afterwards was a dark one. He enslaved the Anugyptian cat population and seemingly enslaved the Anugyptian pony population as well, but treated them somewhat better.

However, a small but effective rebellion formed between seven heroic cats, their leader was none other than Baast, a former acquaintance of Discord. Together, the cats overthrew Anubis, ending his reign.

Another ruler of Anugypt was Cleopatrot, though it's unknown whether or not she was an older or later monarch. Through the use of storybook worlds, she came in contact with Rainbow Dash and Rarity and tried to imprison them, but fared unsuccessfully.

Modern history

Although considered a "lost civilization", it appears the history of Anugypt was preserved quite well by modern Equestrian attempts, as the Canterlot Museum had an entire exhibit on Cleopatrot.


Assuming Anugypt was in Equestria, it would've most likely been located somewhere in the San Palomino-Appaloosan Desert region or the Bone Dry Desert. The kingdom was barren but relatively lively with a rich history.

Culture and religion

The Anugyptians built Pyramids and had their own writing system. They appeared to worship or revere the destroyer of worlds but also seemed to worship the Elements of Harmony, as they had religious-looking paintings depicting their cutie marks.


Anugypt had at least three intelligent races that inhabited its lands:

Behind the scenes

Anugypt is very heavily based off of Egypt. Their former king "King Anubis" was named and modeled after Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Afterlife. Baast is named for a feline Egyptian goddess, and Queen Cleopatrot was based off of Queen Cleopatra.


"Anugypt" is most likely a combination of Anubis and Egypt.


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