Celestial Sea

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Celestial Sea
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TypeOceans and seas

The Celestial Sea is a massive sea that runs parallel to the Luna Oceans.

Nearby locations

Location Type Description
The Unknown Unknown The great unknown
Mount Everhoof Mountain A huge, 32,000-hoof sized mountain
Yaket Range Mountainrange An expansive and long mountain range
Bug Bear Territory Mountainrange The land of the Bug Bears
Griffonstone Station Valley A station that leads to Griffonstone
Trottingham Settlement A well-storied and old town known for its colorful history
Griffish Isles Island The island chain in which Trottingham is located on
Manehattan Settlement A large and industrial city located in Eastern Equestria
Guto River River A long river that seperates the northern and southern aspects of the Griffon continent
Fillyelphia Settlement A large, industial and historical city that's home to Dragon Town
Griffonstone Kingdom An ancient kingdom of Griffons
Baltimare Settlement A large but mostly obscure city
Horseshoe Bay Beach A popular and tropical beach and presumably town
Hayseed Swamps Swamp A massive and expansive swamp that wraps across the Mysterious South
Dragon-Kirin island Island An island that houses the Dragons Lair, Lost Lagoon and the Kirins Grove
Forbidden Jungle Jungle A large jungle that houses untold secrets
Black Skull Island Island An island in which the Black Skull beasts originated from
Lost Lagoon Lagoon A long and narrow lagoon in between Dragons Lair and Kirins Grove
Bone Dry Desert Desert A huge desert that takes up nearly 1 third of the Mysterious South
Sea of Clouds Other A mountainous location with several clouds and aerial monsters
Pine Needle Barrens Forest What seems to be a largely dead forest
Basalt Beach Beach A barren and rocky beach
Mount Aris Mountain A large mountain and island that houses the Mount Aris civilization
Seaquestria Kingdom An underwater kingdom of Sea Ponies
Great Iceberg Barrier Iceberg A series of icebergs tat wrap across the southern hemisphere
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