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Overview information
LocationEverfree Forest
TypeCity state

Thicket is a city-state and kingdom within the Everfree Forest. It is ruled over by the deer king King Aspen in relative harmony.


The early history of the land is a mystery, but it remained quite elusive from the rest of Equestria. A framed painting of an ancient deer king was seen at Mount Metazoa, which may mean the kingdom is quite old, or another deer civilization existed beforehand.

The kingdom seems to be a metaphorical stand in for "The Heart of the Forest", which the king appears to represent. The kingdom was blighted by WTD Productions and Fun Fun Land, lead by Well-To-Do whose lack of empathy and selfish personality kept pushing themselves further into the forest. After the kidnapping of Brambles, King Aspen became an employee of Fun Fun Land to save his sun, but after the Battle of Fun Fun Land, Brambles was rescued and the theme park was destroyed.

Afterwards, the kingdom appeared to become more integrated with Equestrian society while staying independent. King Aspen would become good friends with Princess Celestia and shared his culture with her, which she gratefully appreciated. To show how far the kingdom has come, Aspen visited Mount Metazoa with other world leaders and stood as an equal.


The residents of Thicket believe in being one with nature and dislike the destruction of it. Their houses and other buildings are built into trees and in general, they build within forested spots. They appear to be a righteous culture, but resort to violence faster than ponies would. They have their own clothing, which Celestia was adorned in during her stay at Mount Metazoa.


Thicket is comprised almost entirely of deer and forest animals.

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