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A cross-dimensional TV broadcasting in Equestria, with footage from Japan, a country in East Asia

A country is a realm ruled over by a sovereign, such as a monarch or chief and usually have defined borders, though in the context of My Little Pony, said borders are vague at best. Very few realms have been directed referred to as countries and instead referred to as with language such as "realm", "kingdom", etc.


Equestria has been referred to as a country on at least two occasions. The first in My Little Pony Adventures where the out-of-universe narration described it as a large country whose land contained countless places and the other in "Dragonshy" where Twilight Sparkle referred to Equestria as her country.

A few real-world countries have appeared throughout the series, most notably India, Italy, Egypt, Japan, Canada and the United States of America.

List of countries


Real world

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