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Caninia is a nation located some distance away from Equestria. It is primarily inhabited by Diamond Dogs.


Thousands of years before the Apocalypse, Caninia was visited by the Knights of Harmony, who planted the Tree of Family and constructed a temple around it, bestowing its Elements of Harmony upon the inhabitants. Unfortunately, Discord later turned the inhabitants of Caninia, alongside those of Abyssinia and Farasi, against the Knights. This led to the Diamond Dogs declaring war on the Knights' homeland of Cunabula, only to be repulsed along with the Cat lords and Zebras who joined them in the assault. Afterwards, the Knights hid the temple they had built from Caninia inhabitants with its Elements locked away inside.[1][2]

Over time, one or more groups of Diamond Dogs apparently split off from the Caninia population and established settlements in or near Equestria. These included the ancient diamond mines[3] and the kingdom of Diamondia, the latter of which also saw at least one small group break away to form their own community.[4] At least one representative of the Diamond Dogs was present at the first Convocation of the Creatures to be attended by Twilight Sparkle, but it is unknown whether they were there on behalf of Caninia or one of its break off groups.[5]

Some time before the Coronation of Twilight Sparkle as Queen of Equestria, the royal Diamond Dog sisters Ambrosia Muffinbuns, Fiona Floppyears, Indiana Ambereyes, Jennino Lanternlight, Katherina Proudpaws, and Moonbeam Twinkletail discovered a new gem vein in the kingdom's royal mines. Queen Katharina refused to permit further exploration, and her strict rule eventually led to a schism in the royal family. Amber, Jenn, and Moon eventually left their ancestral castle and built a new one on the opposite side of a gorge from the one where Fiona, Indy, and Katharina remained in residence. Jenn, who became a second queen of the now divided kingdom, fell sick some time later, a circumstance that Katharina felt Jenn herself was to blame for.

The family and the kingdom remained divided until Team Rarity arrived in Caninia on a mission from Queen Twilight Sparkle, having received invitations from both Jenn and Katharina. The embassy met with both queens, and eventually persuaded Katharina to make peace with her sisters if the cause of Jenn's illness could be diagnosed and cured. All six sisters and the visitors entered the mines, and in the course of their investigation discovered the ancient temple containing the Tree of Family. The sisters proved to be the embodiments of their kingdom's elements, which all activated after Katharina and Jenn apologized to one another for allowing their feud to go on for so long.

With the power of the elements, the sisters were able to act to stabilize the mines, which had been weakened by the presence of Carbunkappas. The six reconciled sisters then decided to all move into the new castle, where all six would reign as queens over the kingdom.[6]

Behind the scenes

Caninia was the primary location featured in the My Little Pony Annual 2021 (IDW) in Friendship is Magic season 10.


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