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Cunabula is a nation located some distance away from Equestria. It is inhabited by a variety of unusual creatures and ruled over by the Knights of Harmony.


The first Knights of Harmony, who consisted of three siblings from two royal families on Cunabula, discovered the Elements of Harmony and harnessed those of the Tree of Patriotism. As a result, their homeland prospered, and the Knights were moved to spread the blessings of Harmony Magic across the world. Traveling to the lands of Abyssinia, Caninia, Farasi, and Ornithia, they built temples to house the Trees of Purpose, Family, History, and Love, which they gifted to the inhabitants of each land. Believing that a sixth Harmony connection existed, the Knights then traveled to the lands that would one day be known as Equestria.

Unfortunately, the future Equestria-or at least the area of it that the Knights visited-was at that time under the tyrannical rule of Discord, who made an attempt to sow conflict between the Knights. When this failed, Discord departed Equestria and traveled to three of the lands they had visited previously, turning the Cat lords, Diamond Dogs, and Zebras against their benefactors. Cunabula itself came under attack from the now hostile nations and their element wielders, and the Knights only fought them off after their homeland and people suffered greatly. Renaming themselves the Knights of Order, Cunabula's rulers set about insuring that none of the three lands would be able to access their Harmony temples or Elements again.

As an added precaution, Cunabula itself was placed under a spell of invisibility, concealing its existence from the outside world and allowing the inhabitants to live in peace for thousands of years. Despite this, the Cunabulans continued to monitor the system they had devised to connect the five Harmony temples they had constructed. As such, they learned of the reactivation of the desert temple in Farasi shortly after it occurred.[1][2][3]

Behind the scenes

Cunabula was a location introduced in Friendship is Magic season 10. It's name comes from a term meaning "cradle" or "place of origin."


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