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Panthera[1] was the capital city of Abyssinia. A rich, well-developed and mostly peaceful looking city, Panthera sadly fell to the Storm King without much of a struggle.


See also: Sacking of Panthera

Founded near a cat looking lake, Panthera served as the capital for Abyssinia for years. Throughout the days after the Storm Kings revenge, Panthera was talked about in high praise, as a highly successful city with a good quality of life, not unlike most cities in Equestria. Over the years, many large, modern structures were built within the perimeter of the city, while still keeping older buildings such as Panthera palace.

Alas the city was effectively destroyed by the Storm King and Storm minions who sacked the city and claimed all but the entire supply of treasure in tribute. As the Storm King's withdrew, the King and Queen of Abyssinia sat on a hill, overlooking the destruction and wept.[2]

The destruction of Panthera didn't appear to be wildly known, as citizens of Klugetown didn't seem to be aware of it.[2]

During the Reign of the Storm King, many cats in Panthera moved to Klugetown and set up various shop and smuggling rings.[1]

The ultimate fate of Panthera was unclear, but as the king and queen of Abyssinia were seen in future gatherings, it was likely that Abyssinia survived the sacking.


Behind the scenes[edit]

Panthera is a genus within the Felidae family that was named and first described by the German naturalist Oken in 1816.

The location first appeared in My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel #1, and was later mentioned in My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel #3 and Tails of Equestria: The Official Movie Sourcebook


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