King Longhorn

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"King" Longhorn
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesCattle  • Bull
ResidenceOutskirts of Canter Creek
AffiliationCattle Rustlin' Gang
Real world
"Reigns, Trains, and Carts With Wheels"
"Convocation of the Creatures" - Part I

King Longhorn was the leader of the Cattle Rustlers Gang, a gang of violent, but incompetent bulls who terroized the small town of Canter Creek, Equestria.


When Applejack and Rarity were in the midst of a cross-country trip, Longhorn and his gang attempted to hold up their stagecoach. Applejack, in no mood to stomach the bulls' assaults after all she had already endured on the journey, actually attacked and defeated Longhorn.

It would not be the last time Longhorn crossed paths with members of the Mane Six, as the group later came to Canter Creek after he began terrorizing the area. Seeking to take control of Rancho Bronco, he rebuffed Applejack's attempts to stand up to him, and Twilight Sparkle was unable to legally use her magic against him. Wanting the interlopers out of town, he began committing various acts of destruction in an attempt to force Applejack and her friends out. He then set about the process of making a claim to Rancho Bronco, using his gang's residence on the land as evidence for a claim.

However, the Mane Six weren't willing to give up, and Twilight slowed Longhorn down with paperwork while the rest of her friends did their best to relocate the Cattle Rustlers' camp without their taking notice. This enabled them to have Rancho Bronco declared a historic site by Princess Celestia. Thus, when Longhorn began to cause damage again, Twilight was allowed to use her magic to restrain him and his fellows. Rarity struck the final blow, as Longhorn had made the mistake of grabbing onto her hair during one of his earlier efforts at intimidation.

Longhorn's imprisonment didn't last long, as he later attended the Convocation of the Creatures, presumably as a Cattle representative. Twilight encountered him during the event and was less than enthusiastic about his presence, though nothing untoward seems to have taken place.

Behind the scenes

King Longhorn was a recurring character in comic stories drawn by Andy Price. First appearing as a minor antagonist in Friends Forever #8, he later appeared as the primary villain throughout The Good, The Bad and the Ponies and made a cameo appearance in Convocation of the Creatures.


"Longhorn" is most likely a reference to a naming convention found in several breeds of cattle, such as the English Longhorn and Texas Longhorn.


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