King Aspen

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King Aspen
FIM27 Aspen.png
Species Deer
Gender Male
Occupation King
Nationality Thicket
Address Thicket Castle
Family Thicket royal family
First Friendship is Magic #27
Last "Holiday Hassle"

King Aspen was the deer king of Thicket, a small, but powerful kingdom located within the Everfree Forest, and the father of Prince Bramble. A serious-minded monarch, Aspen loves his people and his family dearly, and will do anything to protect them. Although haughty, Aspen appears to be much friendlier when under less dire situations and appeared to be good friends with Princess Celestia after their bad first impressions.


Space invader[edit]

Over a thousand years ago, King Aspen helped repel the invasion by Cosmos, an entity from the Andalusian constellation. With the power of the Heart of the Everfree, he held back her chaotic powers, kept the planets from falling and helped save all of Equestria. He appeared to be good friends with Queen Novo and showed her care after the battle.[1]

Fun Fun Land[edit]

Later escapades[edit]

King Aspen attended the Convocation of the Creatures along with a doe.[2] He later attended a cotillion in Canterlot, where he was seen standing with Chief Thunderhooves.[3] When Tempest Shadow visited Thicket, Aspen was mistrustful of her, knowing of her service to the Storm King.[4]




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