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Prince Blueblood, a prince of Equestria

A prince is a title that is often, but not always, reserved to the children of Kings and Queens, but in rare instances may be equal to a king. The role of princes tend to vary depending on the region and culture, but are often well-respected or highly revered. Its feminine equivalent is princess.


My Little Pony

Many princes, mostly humans, appeared throughout My Little Pony and its comic book, most of which were humans. Some of the more notable princes include Prince Philip and Prince Edgar. With the exception of Prince Philip, most princes were the children of monarchs, while Philip himself seemed to be the ruler of his land.


Squire was the prince of an ancient kingdom, though he desired to be a knight and thus decided to slay the evil dragon Bazzle, who took his life.

Friendship is Magic

Some of the oldest known princes include Prince Hisan and Prince Blue Dream, respectively.

Despite how princess is synonymous with queen in the land of Equestria and beyond, the role of prince varies significantly. While Prince Shining Armor is highly respected as co-ruler of the Crystal Empire, other princes such as Prince Blueblood do not appear to have much power. The title is also subordinate to king in the Kingdom of Thicket, the Infernal Lands, and Ornithia. By contrast, the title of prince appears to be the equivalent of king among the yaks of Yakyakistan and the equines of Farasi.

Equestria Girls

In Canterlot High School, the term "prince" has been used to describe the Fall Formal Prince, the young man who wins the Fall Formal.

List of princes

My Little Pony


Friendship is Magic



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