King Thrace

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King Thrace
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Thracian
OccupationKing of Thrace
Real world
Feats of Friendship #2

King Thrace was the founder of the Thracian tribe of Ponies and discovered the island of Thrace.


In ancient times, King Thrace's people were among the Ponies afflicted by the Windigos due to the conflict between the tribes. Like the Founders of Equestria, Thrace led his people in search of a new homeland, ultimately arriving in Equestria. However, while the Earth Pony, Unicorn and Pegasus tribes formed a new friendship in this land, Thrace was-according to distant descendant Swift Foot-denied a place among them. Proving hardy enough to endure the Windigos' weather despite this, Thrace eventually led his followers to an island which, like his tribe, came to bear his name.[1]


Thrace was among the Thracian royal family, which ruled over Thrace for seemingly a thousand or so years. As of Swift Foot's enrollment in the School of Friendship, the current patriarch of the family was King Diomedes.


Behind the scenes


King Thrace is named after Thrace, a region in Mediterranean Europe.


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