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"The Many Tales of Queen Chrysalis"

Timbuktu was a city in Equestria during either the Era of Two Sisters or Era of Princess Celestia. It was destroyed by the Changelings lead by Queen Chrysalis.


Timbucktu was a legendary city idolized by modern Pegasi such as Rainbow Dash. The city was a monarchy of Sparkly-Eyed Pegasus ruled by kings. The only known was King Orion. Eventually, the city was conquered and destroyed by Chrysalis. Ever since then, the city has gone largely forgotten by most.

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"Timbucktu" is a name derived from the Malian city of Timbuktu. The city first and so far only appeared in the highly dramatized version of Rainbow Dash's retelling of the Fall of Timbucktu in The Many Tales of Queen Chrysalis, which was deemed inaccurate by Twilight Sparkle and Queen Chrysalis, though the city was confirmed to have been sacked by the queen herself.



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