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The Master of the Diamond Dogs

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Master appears to be the title given to the male monarchs of the Diamond Dogs.


Given the elusiveness of true Diamond Dog society, the history of the Masters is obscured and hard to piece together. The oldest known confirmed Master was Master himself, though it's entirely possible Ziggy and Stardust may have filled similar positions. As of the events of the Convocation of the Creatures event on Mount Metazoa, the current master is Diamond Dog who looks incredibly similar to the statue.

The known masters have been shown to be mean, or even cruel rulers who treat their subjects harshly. All throughout the Appaloosan Mountains mines, there were signs, presumably from the Master, ordering his workers to work in increasingly harder and more harsh conditions, while the current master yanked his assistant on a leash. The current master also appeared to act rudely towards the Abyssinian King and Princess Celestia, two kind-hearted monarchs, implying a mean-spirited nature.

Known masters

Behind the scenes

"Master" as a title first appeared in "The Return of Queen Chrysalis - Part II" when written on the statue of the Master as if it was his name. It's entirely possible that the term "master" may in fact have been his name instead.


As with all of Diamond Dog society, Masters are modeled after the works of David Bowie. The term "Master" may be derived from Metalica's "Master of Puppets", an album associated with David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust", or may be simply be a reference to how owners of dogs are often called "masters".

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