A tomboy at heart and inventor by nature, Patch is an adventurous, energetic and boyish young girl with a passion for construction, building, engineering and storytelling.

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Brigitta Dau
"Slumber Party"
"Whose Responsible?"


Patch was born on March 16th and never knew her birth parents, she lived in the Ponyland Orphanage until she was adopted by her Parents. Ever since then, she felt a certain fondness for the orphanage and often tried to help it out in any way she could, such as building playgrounds and other equipment for them.[1] Although adopted, she was very close with her adoptive parents and loved them dearly. Even when she believed she was the princess of the Isle of Pony, she didn't want to leave her parents side.[1]

It was shown many times that Patch's family may have been a low-income one, or at least a very modest one. Patch took after her father more than her mother. Her father worked as a junkyard manager with a love for all things mechanical, which no-doubt inspired Patch's down-to-earth, boyish personality and love for engineering and carpentry. Though she wasn't as close with her mother, she obviously loved her very much a well.


Patch is an adventurous, carefree and tomboyish filly with a big heart. She's impatient, but also a fan of classic stories of high adventure and great heroes. Although she sometimes drags her friends into her misadventures, she's generally a kind-hearted and caring pony, even if she can be a bit dismissive of others feelings. Patch is very close to her adoptive parents and loves them dearly for always accepting who she is, even if she isn't the ideal daughter. She's also quite close with the orphans of her former orphanage and goes out of her way to build stuff for them, like play equipment.[1]

She's also quite intelligent with a knack for creating and inventing new things, particularly types of vehicles like rockets and boats.[2][3] Though she doesn't think she's the smartest pony in Ponyland, she believes she's among the smartest.[4]

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