Prince Rudolph

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Prince Rudolph
G1 Rudolph.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Prince
Nationality Magic World
Address Castle of Magic World
Family Magic World royal family
Parents King of Magic World
First Glory, the Magic Unicorn

Prince Rudolph was the prince of Magic world, or at least the town he lived in. He was the son of King of Magic world and had authority over Omar the mean wizard.


Prince Rudolph was the son of the King of Magic world and served as its rightful prince. However due to his royal status, Rudolph wasn't allowed to be with commoners, a fact that saddened him deeply. Growing up, he realized that Omar was quite the "rascal", bu didn't seem to know how cruel he truly was. When he met Glory, he realized the extent of his cruelty. Together, the two teamed up to trick Omar. They made him fly to the Moon of Magic world, and while he was gone, Rudolph cast a spell that gave Glory her horn back, which Omar stole. Later, at a hilltop, Rudolph waved Glory good-bye as she traveled back to her world. Rudolph swore he would spread the word of he true nature of Omar to the town, revealing how mean he truly was.


Rudolph was a good-natured and kind prince, who wanted to enjoy his days with commoners but was locked away in his castle, alone. He was very friendly and made friends very fast, such as when he quickly became good friends with Glory. He was also a sentimental kid who respected unicorns deeply.


  • Magic: Rudolph was capable of casting at least basic magic spells, which as when he cast a spell to give Glory her horn back.


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