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Princess Cadance
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Alicorn
Crystal Empire monarch
EducationCanterlot Academy Template:NC
ResidenceCrystal Empire
FamilyAmore dynasty
Equestrian royal family
Sparkle family
Real world
VoiceBritt McKillip
"A Canterlot Wedding"
"The Ending of the End"

Princess Cadance, full name Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is the Princess of Love, possible relative to Radiant Hope, and the rightful ruler of the Crystal Empire. She is the wife of Shining Armor, mother of Flurry Heart, honorary niece to Princess Celestia and older sister-figure-turned-sister-in-law of Twilight Sparkle. She is close friends with the Bearers of Harmony and views Spike as an honorable hero.



Cadance never knew her birth parents, but is distantly related to Princess Amore, though the circumstances of her birth is quite mysterious as Princess Amore was shattered by Sombra over one-thousand years before her birth. It's been strongly implied that Cadance was somehow related to Radiant Hope, who was in turn supposed to be the ruler of the Crystal Empire before Sombra took it over in his monstrous regime.

Early life and Prismia

Cadance, full name, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, was born as a Pegasus sometime in the Era of Princess Celestia to no known relatives at the time. She was taken in by a couple of Earth Ponies who raised Cadance as if she were their own filly. Cadance remarked that the village she was raised in was one filled with love, and that everypony cared for one another. The village wasn't perfect however, as it was plighted by an Enchantress named Prismia. Prismia was embittered by all the love and care shown in the village, and how she had nopony to love or care about her. Using the power of a magic necklace, Prismia turned all the ponies in the village miserable. Cadance decided to do something about this and personally confronted Prismia. The power of Prismia's necklace amplified Cadance's love and showed Prismia that ponies did care for her, and they did love her. Turning over a new leaf, Prismia stopped her horrible ways.[1]

Cadance was surrounded in a strange energy as she was transported to a location nopony but Celestia has ever been before. At that point, Celestia had deemed Cadance to be the Princess of Love and adopted her as her own niece. From this point, Cadance lived in Canterlot, presumably in or near Canterlot Castle.[1]

Academy life

Cadance eventually attended Canterlot Academy, and one day went to help Shining Armor pick up his school supplies after Buck Withers tripped him. Shining Armor was instantly smitten and unable to respond to Cadance's questions about his well-being, and she soon left for class with Buck and her friends Diamond Rose and Lemon Hearts. The two next met each other when Cadance came to foalsit Shining Armor's younger sister, Twilight Sparkle; on this occasion, Shining Armor managed to say hello to her before departing. He and his friends 8-Bit, Gaffer, and Poindexter later put on a performance aimed to win Cadance over at the school's polo game pep. Unfortunately, Cadance's obvious enjoyment was drowned out by a mocking crowd led by Buck Withers.[2]

Unbeknownst to Shining Armor, Cadance had already begun to reciprocate his affections, particularly after she learned how much they had in common from Twilight. Swearing Twilight to secrecy, she set out to make him her very special somepony, only to overhear that Shining Armor was already interested in attending the Canterlot Academy Fall Formal with someone. Not realizing that she was his desired date, Cadance reluctantly accepted Buck Withers' invitation to accompany him to the dance, afterwards planning with her friends to dump him. Upon realizing that Shining Armor's own "date" was simply a disguised Poindexter, she approached him, only for she and Buck to be announced as Fall Formal King and Queen. However, the students-Cadance included-had nothing but contempt for Buck, and Cadance removed his crown and gave it to Shining Armor prior to the two dancing and sharing their first kiss as a couple.[3]

On one occasion, Cadance and Shining Armor watched Twilight together at a park, shortly before Sunset Shimmer's departure from Equestria.[4] Cadance and Twilight also grew closer as time went on, sharing a special greeting, and with Twilight in awe of Cadance's kindness and ability to spread love with her magic. However, they seem to have spent less time together as Twilight grew older, undoubtedly as a result of Cadance no longer being needed to foalsit the maturing Unicorn. Cadance also took on royal duties as she herself grew older, including overseeing the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange.[5]

Marriage and kingdom

Eventually, Cadance and Shining Armor decided that they would marry, with Twilight-who had taken up residence in Ponyville-being invited to take charge of the event.[6] Unfortunately, the Changelings under Queen Chrysalis had targeted Equestria, and Cadance was abducted with Chrysalis taking her place. Cadance was imprisoned in the Canterlot Caves, and eventually joined by Twilight, who briefly attacked her before being convinced she was the true Cadance. After making their way through the caverns and past a bewitched Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette, and Twinkleshine, the pair confronted Chrysalis during the ceremony. Cadance was able to free Shining Armor from Chrysalis' spell, and their love gave Shining Armor's shield spell the power to blast the invading Changelings and their queen far from Canterlot.

The wedding was soon reorganized properly, and Cadance and Shining Armor were happily married and departed for their honeymoon.[6] The pair were later called upon to travel to the returned Crystal Empire in order to assume rule over the ancestral home of Cadance's family. Cadance soon found herself using her magic to repel King Sombra, but the effort took a great toll on her. The Mane Six, including Twilight, attempted to rejuvenate the Crystal Ponies' love and light with a Crystal Faire, only to learn that they were missing the Crystal Heart. Cadance was understanding of Twilight's mistake, but fainted with exhaustion, causing her barrier to drop.[7]

With Shining Armor's help, Cadance recovered enough to raise her barrier again, barely succeeding in preventing Sombra from reentering the Empire. Ultimately, her magic failed again as she was overcome by her efforts, but Spike appeared with the Crystal Heart. Thrown by Shining Armor, Cadance rescued Spike and the Heart from Sombra and restored the Heart to its proper place, allowing the Crystal Ponies to fill it with light and love. This energy washed across the Empire, rejuvenating Cadance and reversing Sombra's corrupting influence while also shattering the wicked Unicorn. With their new kingdom safe, Cadance and her husband escorted the Mane Six back to the Crystal Empire train station.[7]

Sister princesses

When the Changelings returned, Twilight briefly imagined that Queen Chrysalis in the guise of Princess Cadance was attacking Ponyville.[8] Some time before the anniversary of their wedding, Cadance and Shining Armor met the Mane Six at Tealove's Tea Room, and recounted the story of how they became a couple.[2][3] They would later recount the story-with some variations-to Dragon Lord Ember while discussing a trade agreement between the Crystal Empire and the Dragon Lands.[9] Prior to this, Cadance invited the Mane Six to the Crystal Empire to help welcome the Head of the Equestria Games.[10]

While Cadance was being prepared by Rarity to meet the inspector, the rest of the Mane Six went to guide her around the Empire. Unfortunately, a mixup resulted in them escorting Ms. Peachbottom, a tourist, rather than the real inspector, Ms. Harshwhinny. Luckily, an exchange between the two ponies had the effect Cadance was hoping for, with Ms. Harshwhinny declaring that the year's Equestria Games would be held at the Empire.[11] Some time later, Cadance would join Celestia and Princess Luna in welcoming the now Alicorn Twilight to their number as the Four Princesses of Equestria.[12] Twilight later came to visit Cadance, who recounted her own experience in becoming a princess and encouraged Twilight to discover her own Crystal Heart Spell.[13]

Cadance and Shining Armor were among the Ponies and creatures who observed the temporary merging of their world with the Mirror Universe.[14] Cadance later welcomed the Mane Six to the Crystal Empire for a visit, only for Sunset Shimmer to emerge from the Crystal Mirror stored in the Crystal Castle. She stole Twilight's crown and fled to another world, to which Twilight pursued her; upon Twilight's return, she had a run in with Flash Sentry that prompted her to ask Cadance about him.[15] On another visit to the Empire, Twilight helped Cadance access King Sombra's old study, with Cadance hoping that they might be able to recover some records. After reading Sombra's journal, Cadance checked Twilight's sympathy for his tragic account, reminding her of all the evil he had visited upon the Crystal Ponies.[16]

Cadance later traveled to Ponyville to spend a day with Twilight at the Starswirl the Bearded traveling museum, briefly teasing her sister-in-law over royal formalities. Their quality time was interrupted by Discord, who claimed to be suffering from blue flu and needing their help. After casting a magic health bubble to protect them, Cadance joined Twilight in attending to the Draconequus, eventually being persuaded to travel to "the very edge of Equestria" to acquire a magical flower to make a cure. After flying there with Discord, the pair were forced to engage a Tatzlwurm, which they managed to defeat by working together. When Discord revealed he had been faking his illness the entire time, Cadance was surprisingly unbothered, having enjoyed the opportunity for an adventure with Twilight.[17]

After Rarity created a number of dark magic constructs in Ponyville due to the influence of a magic book, Cadance joined Twilight and Luna in removing them.[18]

Diplomacy and threats

Cadance later oversaw the Equestria Games in the Crystal Empire, and invited Spike to light the torch at the opening ceremony in token of his hero status in the Crystal Empire. She watched the games in company with the other princesses, and later watched as Spike saved the spectators from a frozen cloud created by one of the events. In thanks, Cadance asked if Spike would set off the closing ceremony fireworks, partly to help him overcome his feelings of self-deprecation after he froze up during the opening ceremonies.[19] Cadance later welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia to the Empire, and joined Celestia and Luna in encouraging a despondent Twilight after meeting with the dignitaries. When the Princesses met to discuss the threat of Lord Tirek, Cadance was in favor of Twilight being the one to bring him to justice, but Celestia chose Discord for the task instead.[20]

Discord was ultimately convinced by Tirek to join in his efforts, leaving the Princesses with no choice but to hide their magic in hopes of keeping it from Tirek. Cadance joined Celestia and Luna in channeling their magic into Twilight, of whom they believed Tirek was ignorant, and remained in Canterlot awaiting his arrival. After discovering their magic gone, Tirek opened a portal and sent the three to Tartarus. After Tirek was defeated by the Mane Six using Rainbow Power, the princesses regained their magic and traveled to Ponyville, where they found Twilight's new Castle of Friendship.[21] Cadance later visited Ponyville with Shining Armor for Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda's wedding, enjoying the event despite Shining Armor becoming rather emotional.[22]

Cadance later attended the Grand Equestria Pony Summit in Canterlot, and asked Spike to make sure an exhausted Twilight got some much needed rest. However, after discovering that Spike had been making various decisions in Twilight's name, she cautioned him against abusing his position. After his actions led to the destruction of a statue created for the event and various other disasters, Cadance helped attend to the damage. She then joined Twilight in encouraging him to own up for his mistakes, and looked on as he and the various delegates rebuilt the statue togther.[23] Later, she led a visting Pinkie Pie to the Crystal Empire border as Pinkie was on her way to Yakyakistan; while Cadance was still making her way home, however, Pinkie went sliding by on a sled.[24]

Around this time, Cadance discovered she was pregnant, and decided to inform Twilight during a visit to Ponyville; they sent also a message to Carrot Cake and Cup Cake so they could prepare a party. They traveled aboard the Friendship Express instead of the Crystal Empire train to avoid attracting attention, and had Pinkie Pie sworn to secrecy as well. For a time they thought the visit would be delayed by a summit in Maretonia, but due to a date mixup they realized they were able to visit Ponyville after all. Cadance and Shining Armor then arranged a scavenger hunt for the Mane Six, littered with clues about their announcement. They ultimately revealed the news at Sugarcube Corner, with Cadance thanking Pinkie for her silence.[25]

Problems at home

During another Crystal Faire, one of the royal guards alerted Shining Armor and Cadance to an invasion, and Cadance rushed to raise the Empire's defensive shield while Shining Armor joined the guards. She later lowered the shield in order to allow Rainbow Dash and several Pegasi back in with a captive Lightning Dust, unaware that Radiant Hope had infiltrated the castle.[26] Hope used her magic to restore King Sombra, whom Cadance observed after hiding; horrified, she quickly sent a message to Celestia and Luna. Unfortunately, the pair were turned to stone by Sombra, who also imprisoned Shining Armor and the Mane Six with help from various allies, including the Changelings.[27]

Having hidden inside the castle, Cadance observed Sombra traveling back down to his old study, and confronted Hope, of whom she had some prior knowledge. When Cadance refused to allow Hope and Sombra to carry out their plan to free the Umbrum, Hope attempted to flee and warn Sombra. Cadance managed to close the stairs, and then convinced Hope to take her to the Shadow Prison so she could meet the Umbrum herself. The shadow ponies acted the part of adoring hosts, but Cadance's magic-inherited from Princess Amore-revealed their true forms. She and Hope fled to try and stop Sombra, but an injury prevented Cadance from intervening when an escaped Twilight attacked Sombra only for Hope to intercept it.[28]

Sombra unleashed the Umbrum, and Twilight and Cadance were taken prisoner and sentenced to join Celestia and Luna as statues, with Cadance being charged with the "crime" of showing Hope what the Umbrum truly were. When Shining Armor was brought out, Cadance reluctantly confessed that their allies had escaped to Canterine, only for Sombra to turn her husband to stone anyway. At Twilight's suggestion, she and Cadance were then taken to the Crystal Dais to be petrified before witnesses, only for Twilight's friends to arrive with reinforcements. Cadance was then astonished when Sombra, having learned that his destiny was his own to make, restored the Crystal Heart to its proper place. With the Umbrum banished, Cadance joined Hope and the other princesses in saving Sombra from their fate, transforming him into a true Unicorn.[29]

During one of Twilight's visits to the Empire, Cadance confessed to feelings of unimportance, which were only exacerbated as the two learned of public opinion about Cadance during an incognito marketplace trip. Matters continued to decline, with Cadance ultimately confessing that she felt unworthy of the adoration of her people, which affected the Crystal Heart itself. Ultimately, Twilight and her husband were able to remind her of her value, and the Crystal Ponies came to recognize and appreciate their princess's true worth.[30] The Changelings subsequently made a return attack on the Crystal Empire, and Cadance and Shining Armor remained in the Crystal Castle awaiting reinforcements. Shining Armor chafed at the restriction, but Cadance reminded him that he risked being captured and replaced by a Changeling without his wife and future child's knowledge.[31]

Motherhood and Changelings

Cadance and Shining Armor's baby was soon born, and the young filly shocked them by turning out to be an Alicorn, who soon ran her parents ragged with her displays of magic. At Celestia's urging, Cadance decided to carry on with the baby's Crystalling, while updating her subjects on the situation. Once finished with her address, she joined her husband and friends in preparing for the ceremony. Unfortunately, when Cadance separated the baby from her new playmate Pinkie Pie, the baby's magically enhanced cries of sorrow shattered the Crystal Heart. This left the Empire at the mercy of the blizzards of the surrounding Frozen North.[32]

Cadance joined Twilight in investigating the Crystal Castle library for a spell to restore the Crystal Heart, though they and the others were also forced to deal with the baby's newly discovered teleportationa abilities and magical blasts. The latter ended up destroying a book Cadance had found with a likely spell, though Twilight and Cadance were able to reconstruct it. Sadly, when they tried the spell, it failed to work; luckily, Twilight's pupil arrived with her old friend Sunburst, who proposed using multiple spells both to restore the heart and stabilize the baby's magic. His proposal worked, and with Sunburst serving as Crystaller, Cadance and Shining Armor carried out their baby's ceremony, retoring the Heart and saving the Empire. Later, when Night Light and Twilight Velvet arrived to meet their grandchild, Cadance and her husband announced that the baby's name would be Flurry Heart.[33]

To be added[34]

Some time later, the Empire went on high alert due to a Changeling being spotted in the vicinity, with Cadance double-checking a visiting Twilight's identity with their old greeting. She later joined others in welcoming Spike's new friend Crystal Hoof, who proved to be a Changeling named Thorax whom he had befriended. The others, however, mistook him for an infiltrator and chased him off; Spike later brought him back to the castle and explained the situation. Though initially reluctant, Twilight's support for Spike's words softened Cadance and the others, who welcomed Thorax into their midst.[35]

Cadance and her husband and daughter were later abducted-along with Luna, Celestia, Spike, and the Mane Six-and replaced by Changelings as part of Queen Chrysalis' latest plot.[36] Fortunately, Sunburst sent Thorax to Ponyville for help, and he ended up forming an unlikely team with Starlight, Discord, and Trixie Lulamoon. The four infiltrated the Changeling Hive to rescue the captives, and Thorax ended up leading his people in choosing to embrace love rather than feed on it. Cadance and the others were freed, and forced Chrysalis-who refused to join her transformed subjects-to flee. She and the other captives and their rescuers-minus new Changeling leader Thorax-then traveled to Our Town for the Sunset Festival Starlight had previously been invited to.[37]

Time with family

Cadance and Shining Armor later attended a ceremony at the Castle of Friendship honoring Thorax and his teammates for their heroism with Equestrian Pink Hearts of Courage.[38] Later, the pair brought Flurry to Ponyville in a surprise visit, hoping Twilight could watch her while they attended an art show put on by Shining Armor's friend Spearhead. However, in spite of themselves, the pair were reminded of their daughter by various art pieces, and ultimately left the show early to go back to her. They discovered that Flurry hadn't missed them quite as much as they'd missed her, but Twilight admitted that foalsitting had been harder than anticipated. Cadance promised to give her more warning in the future, and then asked if she'd like to have dinner with them the following Tuesday.[39]

One night while Celestia was filling in for Luna on watchin the dreams of Ponies, she observed one in which Cadance danced to music played by disc jockey Flurry Heart.[40] Some time later, she and her family joined Twilight and her in-laws on a zeppelin cruise. Unfortunately, not only was Shining Armor airsick, but Twilight and Cadance learned that the cruise was set up as an experience for other passengers to interact with the two of them. Crowded by overeager fans, Cadance found herself unable to enjoy the trip, though she got some time to herself due to Twilight's own self-sacrifice. After Twilight exploded at another passenger, Star Tracker, Cadance gave her some advice on not letting her role as a princess keep her from having some time for herself and family, which the pair proceeded to enjoy.[41]

Cadance later joined her fellow princesses in Canterlot for the Festival of Friendship, where Twilight hoped they would use their magic to enhance Songbird Serenade's concert. Later, the group confronted Tempest Shadow when she arrived and demanded that they surrender their magic. When Tempest threw an obsidian orb at Celestia, Cadance intercepted it but was ultimately overcome and turned to stone. The Storm King later drained her magic and that of the other princesses into the Staff of Sacanas, but it was subsequently returned by a repenant Tempest. Cadance was also restored to normal, and joined Celestia and Luna in honoring Twilight's heroism.[42]

When the Convocation of the Creatures was held at Mount Metazoa, Cadance joined Celestia and Twilight in representing Equestria there.[43] Later, she welcomed Tempest Shadow to the Crystal Empire, and sent her on a mission that reunited her with her estranged childhood friend Glitter Drops. Despite expressing skepticism at the need for a princess of love previously, Tempest was ultimately grateful to Cadance for her intervention.[44][45] Some time afterwards, Cadance traveled to Ponyville to attend one of Trixie's magic shows with Twilight and Flurry Heart.[46] On another visit to Ponyville, she took part in Nightmare Night festivities, dressing up as a witch.[47]

Further crises and a happy future

When the villainous Cozy Glow enacted a plan to rid Equestria of its magic, Cadance appeared in Canterlot to report on effects in the Crystal Empire. She noted that the Crystal Heart was initially unaffected, though the decline of magic across Equestria made her fearful.[48] Following this crisis, Cadance's family journeyed to Ponyville to spend the Hearth's Warming holiday with Twilight, though Cadance and Shining Armor quickly discovered that Twilight was stressed out. They were disappointed as Twilight's obsession with finding a perfect gift for Pinkie Pie caused her to miss out on family fun. Fortunately, they managed to enjoy the holiday with Twilight and their other friends, despite dealing with a massive Winterzilla and an out of control pudding.[49]

Cadance and Sunburst later welcomed Luna and Stygian when they arrived with records of Starswirl's, with Luna asking Cadance about the whereabouts of Tempest Shadow.[50]

To be added [51]

During the mission to retrieve the Bewitching Bell, Chrysalis referenced her time impersonating Cadance.[52] When the Legion of Doom targeted Canterlot, Twilight alerted Cadance and Shining Armor of the danger. Twilight took refuge with them after escaping the villains, and was later joined by her friends. When Cadance offered to join in the effort to retake Canterlot, Twilight refused, pleading with her and Shining Armor to keep Flurry safe as a precaution against her failure. As such, they were among the few allies of the Mane Six not to participate in the Apocalypse.[53]

Cadance and her family were in attendance when Twilight was crowned as Queen of Equestria.[54] Later, she was present when Twilight announced her intention to send ambassadorial teams to various areas.[55]


Cadance is a loving, gentle and caring individual. She treats her subjects as if they were dear friends, always showing sincere warmth and kindness towards them and in turn, her subjects see her more as a good friend rather than her patriarch, though still greatly respect her. Foals and fillies all across the Crystal Empire bounce in joy over spending even a small amount of time with Cadance, and Cadance enjoys all the time she spends with them. For her warm and serene nature, Cadance does have a mischievous side that comes out especially when dealing with her husband, occasionally her "sister" Twilight Sparkle, and other ponies such as Tempest Shadow. Cadance is extremely brave, heroic and selfless. She's put herself through extreme displeasure and draining routines to keep her citizens safe from harms way, and in her youth, she stood up to the enchantress Prismia to save her loved ones.[1] Although she tends to solve problems with compassion rather than violence, she was willing to destroy Thorax on the grounds of being a Changeling and for seeming to threaten Spike.[56]

Unlike Celestia and Twilight, Cadance struggles to cast spells involving dark magic like that wielded by Sombra, though she managed it during the Siege of the Crystal Empire. According to Radiant Hope, this was a sign that Cadance held rage concealed within her, and lacked the control Twilight possesses; Cadance also did not experience a headache when casting the spell as Twilight did.[28]




In other media

Pucchigumi manga

Cadance only appeared in the story "My Future Darling".

After the Canterlot Wedding, Twilight couldn't stop thinking about her and her brothers' wedding and dreamed of what her own husband would be like, but ultimately decided it was better not to know.[57]


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