Era of Princess Celestia

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The title of this article is conjecture. It is a noteworthy enough aspect of the franchise that has no name, canon or otherwise. Instead it was named via context clues such as its title, position, ownership, relevance, or any other identifier. See AltName for subjects which have fan names instead.

The "Era of Princess Celestia" defines the point in history from Princess Luna's banishment all the way until her redemption, nearly 1,000 years worth of history. It was proceeded by the much briefer "Era of Two Sisters" and suceeded by the even breafer "Era of Harmony". It is currently the longest defined period of history, outside of periods with unclear start and stop dates. Known for warfare, strife, rebuilding, education, high adventure and expansion, the era has left a mark on Equestria that will never go away.



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