Staff of Sacanas

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The Staff of Sacanas was a legendary staff used by Storm King and Princess Eris.


The Staff of Sacanas was wielded by the Storm King among several of his earlier conquests, using it to sack over a dozen kingdoms, and to destroy a dozen more. Under his control, the staff gave him nearly "infinite" control over weather, allowing him to effortlessly creating massive storms. After he kidnapped the four princesses of Equestria, he gained the ability to move the sun and moon respectively, though Twilight managed to wrestle the staff from his hands in order to save Equestria from his clutches and restore the other princesses.

In other realities

In the Mirror-Universe, Princess Eris received the staff as well. She managed to absorb the powers of Princess Luna and claimed she would sell the staff at an auction, allowing whatever villain who wanted it to do whatever they wished with it.

Powers and abilities

The staff's primary function appears to be that of power absorption. It can absorb the power of seemingly any magical creature amplify it to unprecedented heights. Under the Storm Kings ownership, it could control the weather, and could later control the sun and moon with the power of the Princesses of Equestria's magic. After Eris absorbed Luna's magic, she claimed it could affect dreams as well.


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