Buck Withers

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Buck Withers
FIM11 Buck.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Male
Occupation Student (formerly)
Affiliation Canterlot Academy Dragons
Education Canterlot Academy
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Canterlot
Family Withers family
Parents Mr. Withers
First Friendship is Magic #10

Buck Withers was an Earth pony, from Canterlot, Equestria.


Buck was born into a wealthy family. his father was a congress man who seemingly took his side on various matters. Possibly due to this, Buck was selfish, mean-spirited, self-absorbed and arrogant throughout his youth, to the point where even Princess Celestia considered him an unruly jerk. None-the-less, Buck was athletic, skilled in the arts of Polo and relatively intelligent, if stubborn and somewhat meat-headed.

During his youth, Buck did all sorts of mean-spirited acts on his fellow students, such as stealing lunch money and shoving them in lockers. At some point, he joined the Dragons, a polo team and became their captain. During this point in his life, he would go out of his way to cause trouble for others, such as tripping Poindexter while he was holding books in front of everyone. Due to his good looks, well-off background and athletic skills, Buck was a heartthrob in his own right and attracted the affections of Lemony Gem and Diamond Rose, though he also thought Princess Cadance was attracted to him, as she hung out with him through her friends.

During the halftime show of Dragons v Manehattan, Buck mercilessly taunted the heartfelt performance by The Mystic Knights of the Electric Stable, causing their float to crash and explode. Annoyed by this, the Knights planned their revenge by replacing the Dragons polo equipment with malfunctioning or tainted equipment. Despite their efforts, Buck still came out on top and asked Cadance out to the Fall Formal.

Cadance did go with Buck, but only because no one else had previously asked her. Later that night, Cadance confessed to her friends that she didn't want to go with Buck. Although her friends protested, once Cadance revealed that if she didn't date Buck, one of them could, they started to help her and initiated "Operation Buck B. Gone".

On the Fall Formal, Buck barged in Canterlot Castle and spoke to Princess Celestia in a loud, rude way. Seeing just how obnoxious he was, Celestia told Cadance to ditch him as soon as she could.

At the party, Buck was momentarily disgusted by seeing Poindexter in a dress, but contiued trying to romance Princess Cadance, referring to her as "Pookie". As he tried to kiss her, Cadance told him she just wanted to be friends and left him alone, as she did so, Lemony and Diamond rushed him, asking him if he wanted to do stuff with them. Furious that a nerd like Shining Armor could get his girl, Buck tried to assault the unicorn, but Shining's friends, Gaffer and 8-Bit thwarted him every time. Regardless of their efforts, Buck's rampage couldn't be quelled, and when he was officially deemed the Fall Formal King, he tried to make Cadance his "queen". Cadance of course insisted that she truly loved Shining Armor instead and while he wasn't looking, 8-Bit strapped him into a harness connected to a Disco ball. Shining Armor punched out Buck, causing him to fly into the Disco Ball, getting electrocuted in the process.

At some point later, Buck fell in love with Lemony Gems and the two (presumably) got married. Whether by her influence or simply growing up, Buck became a much nicer, kinder stallion in the process and, despite their differences in the past, became good friends with Shining Armor and reached good terms with Cadance. Like Shining Armor and Cadance, he and Lemony Gem spent their off-days at Tealove's Tea Room.


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