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The Mysterious Southis a continent or region of the Equestrian continent located south of Equestria. Unlike Equestria and like its frozen opposite, the Frozen North, the Mysterious South is not a single unified kingdom but appears to be a rough series of independent and/or loosely connected cities and minor kingdoms. The largest, and only, known kingdom within the south is the cat kingdom of Abyssinia, home of the Cat lord race.

In earlier fiction, the South was shown to be nearby The Land of the Hippogriffs, but that entire continent has since been retconned.


Where Equestria ends and the South begins is rather vague. Twilight Sparkle thought the Hippo kingdom was south of the Badlands and past the Bone Dry Desert, which seems to indicate that the south is located anywhere past those locations. That said, Equestrian-looking villages have been shown to be as south as bordering the Caves of Conundrum. Furthermore, the Friendship Express goes beyond the Badlands, further confusing matters. For the sake of this article, we will consider anything beyond the Friendship Express to be located in the south.








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