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"Cat lords"[1][note 1] are a species of anthropomorphic cats who resides in The Mysterious South, namely Abyssinia and Klugetown.


Cat lords are somewhat tall creatures, taller than ponies by a significant margin, though shorter than Lizardfolk and Parrots. Being anthropomorphic creatures, Cat lords tend to walk on their hind legs, but are capable of running on all fours at fast speeds.[2] Cat lords seem very adaptive, as many have lived the peaceful monarchy of Abyssinia and the dangerous city of Klugetown and made a living in both. Cat lords seem to especially adapt to the roguish lifestyle of petty theft and smuggling that Klugetown expects.[1][2][3] Cat lords with Anugyptian ancestry, after the rediscovery of the Tree of Purpose, gained features resembling their distant ancestors, including tails that split into three before the tips and taller, pointier ears.


Cats are described as an adventurous and roguish race.[1] However, that mostly seems to apply towards the Klugetown branch of Cat lords. Cat lords from Abyssinia seem to be much more organized and busybody-types. Their kingdom is that of a typical monarchy, where they are ruled over by a single Royal Family. They also have Generals and Ambassadors who presumably help out with militaristic and diplomatic errands. They're fans of dance and acrobatics.[4]




Cat lords likely originated somewhere in The Mysterious South past the Badlands. They apparently have an unknown connection to the cats of Anugypt, such as Baast. Most of their cities such as Panthera and Tabbytown are located below Bone Dry Desert. Cat lords largely lived under a monarchy rule under the Royal family of Abyssinia.

The cat lords were among the races to have a Tree of Harmony planted or discovered in their land by the ancient Knights of Harmony. Unfortunately, the influence of Discord turned them against their benefactors, and along with the Diamond Dogs and Farasians they made war on the island of Cunabula. This alliance was defeated, and the Knights of Harmony buried the cat lords' Tree of Purpose, with Panthera later either expanding or being founded so that it was built over the Tree's temple.

Era of Twilight

During the Era of Twilight, the Storm King attacked Abyssinia at least twice. The first time, they conquered the land entirely and the second, they destroyed it. Many Cat lords were capable of fleeing the disaster however, with many fleeing to Klugetown and later opened shops and inns. Even prior to his regime, many Cat lords adopted a naturally roguish lifestyle, such as Whiskers who became a sky pirate at some point before the sacking of Panthera.[1] Using their inherently roguish nature, "Charlie" formed the Westtails, a smuggling ring comprised entirely of Cats.[1]

After the Storm King's downfall, Cat lords were still wary and scared, but less so. Many cats traveled or even moved to Equestria while some stayed in Klugetown. Capper, a Cat lord instrumental in the fall of the Storm King, became somewhat of a hero among Cats afterwards, and became known as possibly the only kind soul in Klugetown.[1] Abyssinian representatives, including the king and queen, later attended the first Convocation of the Creatures to be held during the era.

Unfortunately, King Meowmeow, who ruled over Panthera, had an extreme negative reaction to the Storm King's assaults on his city. He transformed Panthera into a dictatorship with many restrictions based on distrust of outsiders and magic. Even residents of the city did not escape this tyranny, and many were taken into custody. Chummer, a childhood friend of Capper's who had left Panthera at the same time and returned sometime later, responded by forming the Abyssinian Underground, a force that resisted Meowmeow's rule. An embassy from Abyssinia was also welcomed to the Equestrian capital of Canterlot.

Capper eventually returned to Panthera as part of an embassy from Queen of Equestria Twilight Sparkle; the entire group was apprehended soon after arriving in the city. Upon realizing that he had Panthera's most infamous lockpick in his custody, Meowmeow allowed word of Capper's return to be spread. The underground, which consisted of several other friends of Capper and Chummer's, promptly broke him and his Equestrian allies out of prison and brought them into their subterranean lair. Lacking any other means of truly fighting back against the king, the underground hoped that Capper could help them get into a mysterious temple beneath the city.

Unbeknownst to the underground, this scheme played into Meowmeow's own plans, as he too had discovered the temple but been unable to get inside. With Capper opening the way for him, he eagerly prepared to destroy what he discovered inside: the long-forgotten Tree of Purpose. However, Capper's Equestrian friends were able to subdue Meowmeow and the Royal Guards of Abyssinia, and he and the underground proved to be the embodiments of the Elements of Purpose. The temple rose up from beneath the city, and magic spread across Panther and possibly beyond. In the process, several Abyssinians gained magical abilities and altered appearances that seemed to hint at Anugyptian cat ancestry.

Meowmeow's despotic rule was overthrown, and the Abyssinian Underground were greeted as heroes by the liberated populace. They later traveled to Equestria to help defend it from the resurgent Knights of Harmony. Afterwards, Queen Twilight extended an invitation to Abyssinia to strengthen its ties to Equestria as part of a growing alliance of nations.


Behind the scenes

The Cat lords, as humanoid felines, all resemble the Generation 1 My Little Pony villain Catrina.


  1. Due to the way "Cat Lords" was used it was unknown if it was referring to the Royal family of Abyssinia or if it referred to the species as a whole. For bookkeeping purposes, we useit as a species name as well
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