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Tempest Shadow
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Commander Tempest Shadow, real name Fizzlepop "Fizzy" Berrytwist is a unicorn pony from a sleepy village in Equestria. A conqueror of kingdoms turned helper to all, Tempest is an angry but ultimately kind pony.


Descent into darkness

Tempest spent her childhood in a small village within sight of Canterlot; one source indicates she may have attended Ponyville Schoolhouse as a filly.[1] Growing up, she was best friends with another unicorn filly, Glitter Drops, and a unicorn colt named Spring Rain. The three often played ball together, but young "Fizzy" as she was known then was acknowledged as the bravest of the three, even encountering the Hydra of Froggy Bottom Bog. Unfortunately, one day during their games the ball with which they were playing rolled into a cave, and Tempest went after it in the stead of her more cautious friends. Inside the cave she encountered an Ursa Minor, which swiped at the young unicorn, leaving a scar across one eye and breaking off the tip of her horn.

As a result of her broken horn, Fizzy became unable to control her magic in the way she once had, instead releasing destructive bursts of energy. She took to hiding her broken horn, hoping that it would eventually grow back, while her two friends would play with other foals. Despite this, the three remained close until Glitter Drops and Spring Rain passed an entrance exam for Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, which all three had hoped to attend. Though glad for her friends, Fizzy was heartbroken, and decided at that point to leave her home. She made her way to Appleoosa, where-under the name "Caramel Chip"-she was befriended by a group of ponies including Tumbleweed.

Unfortunately, Tempest's horn was exposed during the conversation, and she fled with no explanation, traveling beyond the borders of Equestria to the city of Drungar. While there, she ate a meal at a restaurant only to find that her bits had all fallen out of a hole in her bag, forcing her to work at the restaurant to both pay for her meal and make enough money to leave town. During this time, Tempest learned of the negative attitudes many outside of Equestria had towards her fellow ponies and the princesses in particular, and began to wonder whether they were indeed a privileged elite. Tempest was eventually able to leave Drungar, only to come across the wreckage of Chummer's airship and the Misfortune Malachite. After being confronted by Grubber and several Storm Creatures and learning of the artifact's magical properties, Tempest fled with it, hoping she could use it to restore her horn.

Siding with the Storm King

Arriving next in Klugetown, Fizzy learned of the Storm King's growing influence, and also received messages of warning from the malachite. Refusing to heed them, Fizzy traveled further on, eventually running into the Storm King and his minions again. According to one source, she joined a caravan heading to Bleak Valley with a pony named Rambler, only to allow him to serve as a decoy while she tried to escape.[2] In another account, she traveled to Bleak Valley herself and ran into Grubber again, who later led her to a meeting with the Storm King.[3] Both accounts agree that, after meeting the Storm King, Fizzy surrendered the malachite and pledged her services to the Storm King, giving her name as Tempest Shadow.

With the promise of having her horn restored if she succeeded, Tempest was sent with Grubber on a mission to Mount Aris, their objective being to steal Queen Novo's Pearl of Transformation. They were reluctantly admitted to the city by Stratus Skyranger of the Royal Guard of Hippogriffia, and brought before Novo. Introducing themselves as weary travelers "Cherry Pie" and "Mort", Tempest and Grubber were given a room for the night. Tempest attempted to steal the pearl that night and nearly succeeded, with a force of Storm Creatures arriving to back her and Grubber up. However, Novo was able to recover the pearl, and with its magic the Hippogriffs made their escape.

Returning to the Storm King, Tempest reported her failure and was accosted both for it and for showing guilt over the harm done to the Hippogriffs' home. Still desperate to see her horn restored, she offered to lead an invasion of Equestria so that the Storm King could claim the magic of the Alicorn princesses. After spending some time training to control her magic and becoming set in her determination, she infiltrated Canterlot during a Friendship Festival, and learns of Twilight Sparkle's elevation to princess. Instantly coming to hate Twilight for living a life she feels she should have lived, and resentful towards her former friends, Tempest departed the city. According to one account, she also went and fought the Ursa Major who had injured her years ago.[4]

Attack on Equestria

Tempest soon landed her airship in the midst of the ongoing festival, and after Grubber announced her emerged from the vessel and called on the princesses to surrender their magic. When Princess Luna questioned why hundreds of ponies should submit to one, Tempest chuckled as additional airships flew in carrying Storm Creatures. During the ensuing panic, Tempest threw obsidian orbs at the princesses, and succeeded in striking Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, and Luna and turning them to stone. However, when she attempted to strike Twilight, Rainbow Dash got her out of the way and Derpy was petrified instead. She quickly ordered Grubber to find and capture Twilight, only for her to escape.

With Canterlot conquered, Tempest set up the petrified princesses in the throne room of Canterlot Castle, where she spoke aloud contemptuously regarding their power being "wasted on parties". She then received a magical call from the Storm King, and after explaining how he would be able to channel the princesses' magic using his Staff of Sacanas, asked for three more days to complete her mission. After the Storm King claimed only he could restore her horn, Grubber reported his failure to capture Twilight, and an irate Tempest zapped him. Tempest eventually trailed Twilight and her friends to Klugetown, where she and her Storm Creatures began searching. After encountering an irate Klugetowner who had been fooled by Capper, she knocked him into the air and then slammed him to the ground, before demanding info about Capper.

Tempest arrived at Capper's home just as Twilight and her friends were about to be taken away by Verko, who made the mistake of assuming that Tempest was a helpless pony. She quickly corrected his misconception with a blast, only for Twilight's group to take advantage of her arrival to make their escape. Taking Capper captive, Tempest ordered him to tell her where they had gone; however, their kindness influenced Capper to lead her towards Black Skull Island. His deception was short-lived, as Rainbow Dash foolishly performed a sonic rainboom near Captain Celaeno's Prism Wing airship. Tempest's ship soon caught up with the parrots and boarded them, and after Twilight and her friends escaped through a cargo hatch, Tempest used her magic to destroy the vessel.

Ultimately, Tempest captured Twilight on Basalt Beach after she and her friends had been expelled from Seaquestria, and placed her in a magic-proof cage for transport back to Canterlot. When Twilight questioned why Tempest would be so cruel to a fellow pony, Tempest explained her history to the princess, and how it had made her contemptuous of friendship. They soon arrived back at Canterlot, and Twilight's efforts to reason with Tempest failed as the Storm King appeared, using his staff to drain the magic from the princesses. As he began toying with his new abilities, Tempest was surprised to see Twilight's friends, together with Capper and Celaeno's crew-who had survived the airship destruction-and Princess Skystar making an assault on the city.

More annoyed than anything, the Storm King conjured up a massive storm, and Tempest pleaded with him to restore her horn, vowing to use her regained magic in his service. However, the Storm King revealed that he had never planned to restore Tempest's horn, and no longer needed her now that she had gotten him what he wanted. He then tried to blast her, and Tempest retaliated with her own magic, causing an explosion that threw them both backward. Tempest was nearly thrown from the balcony on which they had been standing, and would have been dragged off into the storm had Twilight not saved her. Tempest was astonished, moreso when Twilight said that it was "what friends do"; unfortunately, the recovered Storm King was prepared to blast them both.

Luckily, Twilight's friends-including Spike the Dragon-arrived at that moment, having launched themselves from Pinkie Pie's Easy Bake Confetti Cake Cannon. They slammed into the Storm King, knocking him back and causing a damaged Staff of Sacanas to become lodged in a window. Tempest then looked on in awe as Twilight and her friends worked to retrieve it before the Storm King could, with Twilight using it to dissipate the storm. She then started to turn her back on the reunited friends, until she spotted the Storm King preparing to attack with an obsidian orb. She charged at him, leaping over Twilight's friends in the process, and intercepted the attack.

The smoke from the orb petrified both of them, but Tempest was saved by Twilight and restored by the staff, which she then emptied of its magical energies to restore the other princesses and Canterlot to normal. The Friendship Festival resumed, but Tempest hung on the edge of the crowd during Songbird Serenade's concert, where she was found by Twilight. Twilight encouraged her to stay, and in response to Tempest's feelings about her horn commented that it was "pretty powerful, just like the pony it belongs to." Encouraged, Tempest unleashed one of her bursts, this time creating a stunning fireworks display above the city. As Pinkie Pie congratulated her by her assumed identity, Tempest admitted-in a whisper-that her given name was actually Fizzlepop Berrytwist.

Finding a purpose

Following the festival, accounts of Tempest's subsequent actions vary, with one stating that she and Grubber decided to spread the magic of friendship beyond Equestria.[5] Another account has her taking up residence in Canterlot,[6] though Twilight would invite her to live in Ponyville.[7] Tempest does indeed seem to have spent some time in Ponyville, but felt out of place and overwhelmed by the other ponies' efforts to make her feel welcome. Tempest thus resolved to leave and spread word of the Storm King's defeat, as well as teaching others what she had learned about friendship and seeking a place for herself in the world. This would lead her to such locations as Appleoosa, Chicoltgo, the Everfree Forest Horsealulu, and New Horseleans, where she had encounters-both friendly and icy-with ponies and creatures such as Chief Thunderhooves and King Aspen.

Eventually, Tempest made her way to the Crystal Empire, and went to see Cadance to offer her services dealing with a crisis she had heard about. As the two conversed, Tempest admitted that she didn't understand why Equestria had a princess for love, or why love was so important. Cadance noted that love wasn't confined to romance, before asking Tempest to meet with a member of the Arctic Patrol to try and resolve the mysterious happenings on the Empire's borders. She was surprised to discover it to be none other than her old friend Glitter Drops, whom she had come to resent in her time away from Equestria. "Dropsy", by contrast, was overjoyed to see "Fizzy", and was put off by Tempest's cold, businesslike attitude.

The two soon got down to work, with Glitter Drops explaining that something had been stealing food from the local ponies and destroying their property. During an encounter with one victim, Icy Shanks, Tempest became frustrated with his attitude, also resenting the fact that Cadance had purposefully sent her on this mission in order to reconcile with Glitter Drops. Annoyed by them both, Tempest left only to be caught up by Glitter Drops, who attempted to confront her about her attitude. Tempest nearly exploded at her, but at that point the two found some of the stolen food in a trail, which Tempest charged along in order to find and stop the thief. However, she found herself confronted by the Ursa Minor of the Northern Wastes, and became paralyzed at the memory of her childhood encounter with another of the creatures.

Glitter Drops managed to scare off the creature, but Tempest reacted with anger at her own helplessness, her old resentment coming to the fore. She was then stunned when a tearful Glitter Drops asked her forgiveness, having blamed herself for what happened to Tempest so many years ago. The two were then reconciled, though as they set off to find the Ursa Tempest noted that Glitter Drops and Spring Rain hadn't reached out to her after leaving for school. Upon finding the Ursa, Glitter Drops realized that it had become separated from its mother, and used an illusion to lead the cub back to its home. Though Tempest was overawed by the display, Glitter Drops admitted that she and Spring Rain had dropped out of the School for Gifted Unicorns, unable to keep up with the curriculum, and had avoided contacting Tempest out of shame.

Her mission accomplished, Tempest returned to Cadance, and took her to task for interfering in her personal life; despite this, she expressed gratitude to Cadance for helping her reunite with her old friend. Cadance accepted her thanks, though not without a parting comment about Tempest's earlier expressed views on Equestria's princesses.

Nightmare Knight

After Princess Eris stole Luna's powers using an alternate Staff of Sacanas, Luna and Stygian decided to approach Tempest about joining a team to help them retrieve it. They found her and Glitter Drops dispatching a pair of Timberwolves, and were then invited back to the Arctic Patrol Ranger Station. When Luna mentioned how glad she was to see the pair reconciled, Tempest expressed her dislike of the fact that Luna could watch her dreams. Recognizing Stygian, she quickly gathered that the pair were not just making a social call, and asked them to explain things in front of Glitter Drops. Upon hearing the details, she agreed to help over Glitter Drops' objections, confessing that she had been longing for an opportunity to turn the skills she once used for evil to a good purpose.

The trio soon joined the group's other recruits, Capper and Trixie Lulamoon, and were debriefed on the mission, which would involve Tempest helping them fight against Princess Eris' castle security. When Trixie proposed that the group have a name, Tempest couldn't understand why a secret group needed one; when Luna proposed Nightmare Knights, Tempest was surprised to learn of the similarly named holiday. The group then donned disguises and adopted false identities for the mission, with Tempest dubbing herself Maelstrom Shade. Capper questioned her and Trixie's choice of names, with Tempest reminding him that she had been quite an effective villain. When he started to have second thoughts about the mission, she accused him of being a scaredy cat, inadvertently using the name of a cousin of his.

When Luna and Trixie became distracted by a game offering various magical objects as prizes, Tempest decided to get them back on task and provide a distraction for the mission at the same time. She blew up the game, only to be confronted by Daybreaker, Eris' head of security. The two engaged in battle, allowing the rest of the knights to slip away, but Tempest was captured and taken to an interrogation room by two of Princess Eris' guards. When Eris and Daybreaker arrived to interrogate her, Tempest refused to talk, so Eris used Luna's power against her. Tempest found herself trapped in a nightmare in which she and the other knights, all in child form, acted out the incident in which her horn was broken by the Ursa Minor.

Left to watch Tempest, Daybreaker tired of watching her trapped in the nightmare and attempted to wake her, inadvertently setting off the collar Eris used to control her. Freed from her nightmare, Tempest was able to speak with Daybreaker, who explained her history and the fact that she didn't even remember being Princess Celestia. Eris then returned to the interrogation room, but Tempest acted as though she were still stuck in a nightmare as Eris deposited a captured Trixie in with them. Once she had left, Tempest destroyed Daybreaker's collar, freeing her from Eris' command, while Trixie conjured up an illusory one to keep Eris fooled. The trio then met up with Luna and Stygian before going to confront Eris, with Tempest lending her power to Daybreaker's efforts.

Thanks to Capper pretending to side with Eris, Luna's powers were retrieved and the Staff of Sacanas destroyed. Daybreaker then blasted Eris into the distance before laying claim to her castle. In thanks for the Nightmare Knights' aid, she allowed them to leave unharmed, but warned that she would not be so merciful in the future. Their mission accomplished, the knights return to their own Equestria, disabling the mirror they had used to travel to Eris' world. The five then went their separate ways, Luna having decided not to make their adventure known to Celestia.

Further adventures

Tempest was later part of the army of creatures who joined together to save Equestria from the Legion of Doom. Joining her magic with a number of other Unicorns, she helped save the Mane Six and Spike from their adversaries. She then looked on as Twilight addressed Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow regarding the Magic of Friendship, which was then used to defeat them.[8] Tempest later returned to Canterlot to attend Twilight’s coronation as Queen of Equestria.[9]

Tempest was later selected to join one of several ambassadorial teams being sent to distant lands in order to establish peaceful relations between them and Equestria. Joining Applejack, Rockhoof, and Zecora, they traveled to the latter’s homeland of Farasi, eventually reaching the capital of Zebrat. There they met Zecora’s childhood friends: fellow Zebra Marini, Abada Cactus Rose and Dust Devil, and Kelpies Crystal and Medley Brook.[10]


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