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Chicoltgo is a city in Equestria. It appears to be among the more industrial cities with a well-developed skyline and advanced technology.


The Blues Ponies appear to be citizens of Chicoltgo. Tempest Shadow ate a pizza while watching a car chase between the Chicoltgo police department and the Blue's Ponies.[1]

Places of interest[edit]



Chicoltgo is a large, technologically advanced city. The city has advanced technology like cars and appears to appreciate foods such as deep dish pizza. The city does however, seem to be somewhat crime ridden.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Chicoltgo is a reference to Chicago. As such, several aspect of Chicoltgo are shout-outs to popular aspects of Chicago. The Blues Ponies are a reference to the Blues Brothers and the pizza Tempest enjoyed is in reference to how Chicago is famous for their Deep Dish Pizza.



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