Ponyville Town Hall

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Ponyville Town Hall
Location Ponyville Town Square
Type Town Hall
First "Friendship is Magic"

"That's IT! I can't take a single dang moment more of this! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about this place is backwards, confusing, and just plain POORLY RUN!"

Ponyville Town Hall, sometimes referred to as City Hall.[1] was a key structure located in the middle of Ponyville. It served as the base of operations for the mayor of Ponyville, as well as several town employees. It's most well known mayor was Mayor Mare.


Mayor Mare at the hall, sometime in the past


Before Mayor Mare took office, there were at least 5 mayors prior to her and Mayor Mare herself failed her first election campaign as she didn't particularly know much about Ponyville when she first ran, losing to an unknown pony who became Mayor before her.[2] After the Mane Six time-traveled 20 years in the past (c. a little after the Storm Wars), they met up at the Town Hall of the past.[3]

Events, gatherings, and holidays

Many events, festivals and gatherings were held at the Hall. Notable events included the Summer Sun Celebration,[4] and Winter Wrap Up, while important gatherings were had when Applejack was about to leave for the Equestria Rodeo Competition, which Rainbow Dash and Derpy helped prepare for.[5]


The Hall was subject to a handful of controversies over the year due to the seemingly incompetent government that ran it. When Applejack was taxed, she visited the tall and got stuck in an unending bureaucracy, ranting and venting about how poorly ran and backwards the place was and even threatened to destroy it with her own hooves, until she finally saw the genius of its employees.[2] Similarly, years later, Twilight Sparkle experienced and expressed similar, though less violent, thoughts when she volunteered for Mayor Mare before the Ponyville Election.[1]


Although elections did happen,[2] nopony ever ran against Mayor Mare.[1] This cycle was broken several ponies ran against her, ultimately ending in Filthy Rich becoming the mayor of Ponyville for a brief period of time. During this period, conferences and debates were held at the hall.[1]


Wooly and Run Around, two employees of Town Hall


Aside from five-seven unnamed, unseen mayors, the only known majors of Ponyville where Mayor Mare and Filthy Rich, the latter only worked in office for a few days before he quit. Ponies who ran for mayor include Cheerilee, Doctor Hooves} and Lyra Heartstrings, who ran just for Bon Bon.[1]

Core staff members

Business council

The Business Council

The Ponyville Business Council was an organization based in Town Hall which consisted of five different local business owners who discussed taxes and other concepts. Its members included:


During the Ponyville Election, both Rarity and Twilight Sparkle volunteered to help with the election process. However, Rarity chose Filthy while Twilight chose Mayor Mare.[1] After Applejack was unfairly taxed due to a bureaucracy failure, she briefly volunteered at the hall and helped Mayor Mare with some tough decisions and other work[2]


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In other media

The town hall serves as inspiration for two locations in My Little Pony: Magic Princess. The first, known simply as "Town Hall", is a shop that produces flags and Harmony Shards. The second, Chaos Town Hall, is a residence that depicts the building affected by Chaos Magic.



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