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This article is for her house in the Equestria Girls continuity. For her house in Friendship is Magic, see Carousel Boutique and for her family home, see Belle residence
Rarity's house
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"Happy Holidays"

This house is a large home in Canterlot were Rarity and Sweetie Belle live. It can be assumed that their parents live there as well.


Rarity held a holiday party at her house after Pinkie Pie hosted one at her house. The parties were set up so Sunset Shimmer could feel like she had a family, as she didn't have anyone she lived with. At the party, Sweetie Belle felt left out and with the help of Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, she created the Anon-a-Miss identity to torment Sunset in revenge.[1]

Rarity would later film a series of vlogs in her house, mostly her room. During these, Applejack helped her build a new room for fashion.[citation needed] Another vlog was with Pinkie Pie where they showcased their new "slanguage", Sweet Breeze.[2]



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