Foal Mountains

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Foal Mountains[1] was a Mountain range location in Equestria.


The mountains were extremely ancient. The legendary Turul who lived within them had a crown said to predate Equestria by an untold number of years. The mountains also seemed to be mostly untouched by ponies, as though there were a trips and adventures in the mountains, no lasting damage was seemed to have been done. Ponyville Schoolhouse had a field trip in the mountains, resulting in Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, Snips and Snails to get lost. After a horrible adventure where they encountered a bear and an unknown cave creature, they were eventually saved by a welcoming party.


The Foal Mountais were located on the eastern section on Equestria, near the city of Fillydelphia on the Celestial coast. The forest of the mountains house a small town know as Hollow Shades, which is near an unnamed hillside. The mountains are quite big, but are no where near the size of other large mountain sides such as the Yaket Rang or even the Macintosh Hills.[2] Despite being rocky mountains, the range is fairly well-forested with lots of flora, especially trees.



The Foal Mountains had a fairly diverse pool of flora and other plants. The mountains were covered in Pine Trees and generally greenery. The mountains also had Wisteria plants, suh as the Vicious Vines, a plant that managed to trap Rarity. Cheerilee made reference to a few species of birds who lived in the mountains, such as the Orphan Birds and the legendary Turul. Aside from its avian animalscape, the mountains also had bears and a mysterious cave creature dwelling in a small cave. The mountains also had lots of rocky structures, such as majestic waterfalls and seveal caves and smaller mountains.




  1. At the base of the of the Foal Mountains

  2. Map of Equestria
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