Siege of the Crystal Empire

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Siege of the Crystal Empire is the sixteenth storyline in IDW Publishing's Friendship is Magic comic series and lasted from #34 to #37. It was followed up by Don't You Forget About Us starting at #38 and served as a follow-up to Fiendship is Magic #1.


A mysterious pony recruits Flim, Flam, Lightning Dust, Iron Will, and the Changelings under Queen Chyrsalis to invade the Crystal Empire during the latest Crystal Faire. However, these antagonists primarily act as a distraction to the Mane Six and their allies as the pony-Radiant Hope-restores King Sombra's physical form. The villainous monarch joins Queen Chrysalis in defeating Princesses Celestia and Luna, before preparing to unleash the Umbrum from beneath the empire. Hope's recruits flee shortly after learning of this plan, and the Mane Six attempt to halt Sombra but are unable to do so.

Gathering allies from other points of Equestria, the Mane Six-minus a captured Twilight Sparkle-attempt to fight back against the Umbrum, but are unable to overcome their magic. Sombra, however, is swayed by the arguments of Radiant Hope, who has herself been persuaded by Princess Cadance, and restores the stolen Crystal Heart. The Umbrum are driven back into the Shadow Prison, and Sombra is transformed into a true Unicorn by Hope and the four princesses. Moved by their forgiveness, Sombra-accompanied by Hope-sets out to find the scattered fragments of Princess Amore and restore her so that they too may be reconciled.