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Several Bat Pony members in the Lunaverse alternate timeline.

The Bat Ponies are a rarely seen tribe of Pony. The most notable members are part of the Royal Guards of Equestria, serving Princess Luna specifically.


The earliest history of the Bat Ponies is unknown, but at some point they were discovered by Princess Luna in a mountain range also inhabited by dragons. The two groups had become enemies, but Luna intervened and was able to bring peace between them. Many moons later, Luna came across a pair being menaced by a rogue dragon, and was able to save the two from it. Grateful for the rescue, the pair-Echo and Nocturn-pledged themselves to Luna's service and became part of her royal guard. Other Bat Ponies have since joined the guard and attended to important duties or functions, such as guarding Queen Chrysalis or providing an escort at the Convocation of the Creatures. The latter event was also attended by a number of Bat Pony delegates.

In an alternate timeline, several Bat Ponies served as the royal guard of Lunaverse Nightmare Moon after she banished Lunaverse Princess Celestia to the moon in her place. This also occurred in another alternate timeline.



Bat Ponies are flight capable ponies, similar to Pegasi but with bat wings, tufted ears, and eyes that are slitted in fashion similar to cats. These eyes are accustomed to seeing in the dark, making daylight at times difficult for the Bat Ponies to endure.


Bat ponies make their homes in underground caverns.


List of Bat Ponies

Ponies with similar traits

Various ponies have been seen taking on traits similar to those of bat ponies, but with obvious differences. Notably, ponies who take on the traits of Vampire fruit bats gain bat-like wings and tufted ears. However, these ponies lack the slitted irises of true bat ponies, while bat ponies are not seen to possess fangs. Similarly, the Guardian-goyles of the Temple of Tonatiuh resemble bat-winged, fanged ponies, and possess Bat Pony-like sensitivity to light, but lack tufted ears.

An alternate timeline version of Rainbow Dash was also seen with wings like those of a royal guard bat pony, which are dark blue and don't match the coat of the pony to whom they belong like those of vampire bat ponies. Cozy Glow briefly gained bat pony-like wings when she gained an adult Alicorn form by absorbing Discord's Chaos Magic. Mirror-Universe Stygian also manifested bat-like wings in his Pony of Shadows form, though these were extensions of the Darkness rather than new appendages of Stygian himself.


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