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In My Little Pony Tales, Dragons were a mythical race who seemed to be all but gone in the modern era.


The only known dragon was Bazzle, a cruel and wicked dragon who murdered the heroic prince Squire according to legend, however the ghost of the prince appeared before Patch, implying that the legend was in fact true. According to the ghost, Squire had never stopped hunting for Bazzle, even in the modern era.

Biology and behavior

Given the fact that only one dragon appeared, it's impossible to tell what traits were biologically common and what were not. If Bazzle was mostly average by his species standards, then dragons appeared to be very large entities with reptilian features and the ability to breath fire.

Life span

Dragons may have been very long-lived, as the ghost of Squire was still hunting down Bazzle, however, this could've referred to Bazzle's ghost instead.

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