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Andrew and Ferdinand, two humans

Humans are a species of strange, unusual primates who exist in some universes, but not others -- though their presence is always felt.


My Little Pony

In the distant past, humans built colonized much of the world and founded civilizations such as Egypt, Rome, China and India. They built such wondrous wonders of the world such as the Pyramids, the Hippodrome, the Palace of Versailles and the Taj Mahal. In North America, tribes colonized the Midwest and Canada, creating Tipis and Igloos respectively. In more recent years, they built structures such as the Ritz Hotel and the Astrodome and it hinted that humans may invent Chrome armor in the future.[1]

Humans appear to populate most of the world, with pony civilization only being a relatively small part of it, with other countries being ruled by other species. Humans appear with many different cultural groups, such as the knightly culture of Princess Aline's kingdom , the chivalrous culture of Prince Philip's kingdom to the modern and laid-back culture of the land where Megan is derived from.


It's unclear what religious views Humans had. Prince Philip owned a statue of an angel in front of his palace, possibly indicating a form of Christianity was present in his kingdom.[2] Megan was known to pray on occasion.[3]

Friendship is Magic

Equestria Girls


Humans are intelligent, primate beings. They lack tails like monkey's and have severely less body fur as most mammals.

Humanoids and related species

Humans are far from an unique species. Throughout the multiverse, several humanoid or related species have appeared.


Elves are a diverse race split into many sub-types such as the Emerald Mountain Elves, Calendar Elves and Christmas Elves. Their typical shared features are pointed ears, slightly dark skin and magical powers.

Notable elves: Kara, Mayve, September


Gnomes are very similar to elves, with nearly identical looks, however Gnomes have magical powers over earthly objects, such as dirt, rock, soil, etc.

Notable gnomes: Garth, Arial


In their first appearances, the only known gargoyle was Scorpan, who was only turned into one due to the Rainbow of Darkness, however, Friendship is Magic turned gargoyles into their own, separate species that existed side-by-side centaurs in peace.

Notable Gargoyles: Scorpan, Scorpan, again, Queen Haydon


Centaurs are a race of half-humans, half-ponies and are usually asscioated with dark magic. In Friendship is Magic, it was heavily implied that the Centaur race had went extinct at some point, with the only remaining Centaur being Tirek, with his father and people passing away. In Equestria Girls, it's been revealed that Centaurs are figures in a popular video game series called Tirek.

Notable centaurs: Tirek, King Vorak, Sendak


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