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Whiskers is a cat and a member of Skipper's crew.


The "Miracle Mechanic", Whiskers was proud in his engineering abilities above all else, but even he knew when something was a hopeless endeavor, such as when he proposed he andSkipper Sails abandon Skipper's ship. After his friend and fellow crew member, Cobalt Cloudhunter set up a small lifeboat for the crew to sail away on, Skipper missed his jump and nearly plummeted to his doom, but was saved by his friends. Of his crew, Whiskers seemed to be the more realistic, down-to-earth and logical, as he knew when trouble was brewing. He was to spot Knife's Edge, a pirate ship captioned by Captain Rosella, the "meanest, grittiest pirate ship in the south". Whisker's readied for a fight but the pirates didn't deem him much of a thread, Skipper decided for a more diplomatic solution, but the situation was soon halted when they came across Oncoming Storm, a ship apart of the Storm King's army.

Behind the scenes

Whiskers was created by Zak Barouh for the story "Open Sky" as an example character to demonstrate the new player race, Cat lord



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