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Friendship is Magic character
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SpeciesPony  • Earth pony
Real world
"Applejack & Mayor Mare"
My Little Pony: Magic Princess

Tadwell works at the reception desk at Ponyville Town Hall.


He works at Ponyville Town Hall as a receptionist who greets all those who check in with kindness and goodwill. He greeted Applejack as she came in with a smile on his face and did everything she asked him too. Despite trying his best to make Applejack happy, such as carrying thousands of papers at once for her, she kept antagonizing and threatening him, to the point where she to tear apart his workplace and physically attacked him by squeezing him. Afterwards, Tadwell greeted Fluttershy and was shown to have a crush on her, blushing in her presence and walking away still thinking of her. Tadwell would later inform the Mayor when a great catastrophe struck Ponyville, which turned out to be Sweetie Belle turning the population into fruit.

Although he was antagonized throughout the comic, Tadwell was shown to be a friendly, hardworking, affable and amiable young stallion. He took his job seriously, and did everything in his power to make his clients happy. In spite of this, his workload was all to much for him, which combined with his bad memory, lead to him nearly causing Applejack to snap. Even after she threatened him with physical violence, he retained a friendly attitude and good-natured presence. He's shown to be good with animals, not batting an eye at a squirrel nestled in his head. Tadwell is meek and quick to fear, as he was absolutely terrified when Sweetie Belle was causing a mess by turning citizens into fruits.


Applejack despised Tadwell for being incompetent at his job. Tadwell appears to be on good terms with Mayor Mare. He has a crush on Fluttershy.


Tadwell is fairly strong and nimble, able to carry thousands of papers at once, and over a distance of a couple meters at that.

Behind the scenes

Tadwell is a character featured in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He made his first appearance in Friends Forever #15 as a foil to Applejack.



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