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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesHippogriff  • Seapony
ResidenceOcean Flow's house
Hippogriffian Embassy (mobile game)
FamilyHippogriff royal family
Real world
"Surf and/or Turf"
"The Ending of the End"

Terramar was a male Hippogriff and occasional Seapony.

Terramar as a seapony


Torn between two homes

At an unknown point during the Era of Twilight, Terramar was born to Sky Beak and Ocean Flow along with his sister Silverstream. After the Storm King was defeated and Mount Aris was regained, Sky Beak was among those who chose to return to life as a Hippogriff rather than remaining as a Seapony in Seaquestria. He was joined in this by Silverstream and a number of other relatives, while Ocean Flow preferred to remain underwater. This separation didn't cause any enmity in the family, but Terramar-unbeknownst to his parents-felt torn between the two homes his family had chosen.

When Twilight Sparkle and the Cutie Mark Crusaders came to visit Mount Aris and Seaquestria, Terramar met them at Mount Aris beach in seapony form. He quickly assumed his Hippogriff shape and explained to the younger ponies how the Pearl of Transformation had been divided amongst the residents of Mount Aris and Seaquestria. The Crusaders questioned whether he was aware of anyone having any problems at Mount Aris, but Terramar wasn't aware of anyone. This question was prompted by the fact that the Crusaders had been sent to Mount Aris by the Cutie Map.

The party arrived in the village of Hippogriffia, which Terramar explained had been rebuilt on Queen Novo's orders, just in time for the "Glad to Be a Hippogriff" Festival presided over by his father Sky Beak. Terramar explained to his guests that the "festival" was actually recurring weekly event. Sky Beak noticed and greeted his son, but Terramar's introductions were interrupted as Sky Beak recognized Twilight. As Sky Beak and the other Hippogriffs led Twilight off, Terramar remained with the Crusaders, and showed them to Harmonizing Heights.

Greatly impressed by Terramar's two homes, the Crusaders were surprised to learn of his conflict over the belief that he had to choose one or the other. Realizing that Terramar was the reason for their Cutie Map mission, they questioned him regarding his situation. Having fallen in love with Harmonizing Heights, Sweetie Belle was all for Terramar settling on Mount Aris. However, Terramar and Apple Bloom noted that the Crusaders hadn't even been to Seaquestria at that point, and it wouldn't be fair to advise Terramar without visiting both locations.

Twilight returned at that point and, needing Ocean Flow's signature on a permission slip to allow Silverstream to go on field trips at the School of Friendship, readily agreed to travel to Seaquestria. Using his fragment of the pearl, Terramar transformed himself and the four visitors into seaponies. Scootaloo quickly fell in love with the realm of the seaponies, and Terramar led the group to Ocean Flow's house. After being warmly greeted by his mother, he made introductions, but was somewhat horrified when Ocean Flow asked if Twilight would like to see his and Silverstream's baby pictures. Terramar once again found himself guiding the Crusaders around while one of his parents took the princess in tow.

Apple Bloom and her companions' plan, which had been to compare the pros and cons of Mount Aris and Seaquestria and thus help Terramar decide between them, soon hit a snag. While Sweetie Belle loved the wonders of the surface, Scootaloo was just as enthusiastic about the undersea realm. Dismayed that even the Crusaders couldn't agree, Terramar went off by himself after bringing the ponies back to the surface. Twilight, returning from another outing with Sky Beak, was brought up to speed on the situation, and asked a new question: why did Terramar have to choose between Mount Aris and Seaquestria?

Inspired by an impromptu gathering of Hippogriffs and seaponies at the beach, the Crusaders sought Terramar out and apologized for adding to his feelings of confusion. They then invited him back to the beach, where he observed his people enjoying both of their worlds. Sky Beak and Ocean Flow, who had also been told of Terramar's struggle, quickly reassured him that there was no obligation for him to permanently choose one home or the other. Massively relieved, Terramar eagerly joined in the festivities, and expressed his thanks to the Crusaders for helping him. Twilight also invited him to visit Silverstream in Ponyville, with Scootaloo even joking that he might end up deciding to live there instead.[1]

Later life

Terrmar was later present when Silverstream asked their parents' permission to return to Ponyville ahead of her next term at the School of Friendship. Having heard her appeal regarding her reasons for doing so, Sky Beak and Ocean Flow willingly agreed and signed the permission slip, with Terramar adding his own signature. The three were then pulled into a group hug by a grateful Silverstream.[2] Terramar later came to Ponyville after Silverstream went missing, and sought out Starlight Glimmer in Maud Pie's cavern, where he explained his sister's failure to meet him at the Mount Aris Station.

After informing Starlight, Trixie, Maud Pie, Sunburst, and Mudbriar that their parents were leading parties searching for his sister and had sent him to search at the school, Terramar learns that Starlight had closed her office without hearing Silverstream's concerns about an upcoming project. Terramar briefly berated Starlight, but the two swiftly left to search the school for Silverstream. Failing to find her, they searched her room and found notes about Cockatrices, and realized that she must have gone into the Everfree Forest in search of one. They determined to search for her there, and Starlight-after accidentally leaving Terramar behind briefly-teleported them outside.

The two were unexpectedly joined by Starlight's friends, who had come to help, and the party of six swiftly made their way into the forest. Terramar brought along Silverstream's notes, which gave the group some idea as to where they might find the Cockatrices and, by association, Silverstream. They soon discovered a multitude of Cockatrices in the midst of a migration and became separated when several of the creatures attacked them. Terramar ended up with Trixie with several of the Cockatrices closing in on them, but Trixie set off a smoke bomb which allowed Starlight to teleport in, collect them, and then teleport all three of them to safety.

Starlight successfully collected the whole group, though Mudbriar had been turned to stone by a Cockatrice. The group made its way into the ruins of the Castle of Two Sisters, and Terramar fretted over their failure to locate his sister and his need to alert their parents. However, they then discovered the Treehouse of Friendship within the ruins, and upon entering it found Silverstream inside interviewing Edith, a Cockatrice whom she had befriended. Terramar briefly took his sister to task over not letting anyone know where she had gone, but soon thanked the others for their help in locating her. Having returned to Maud's cavern, brother and sister joined in with the ponies' Spring Solst-astic festivities.[3]

Terramar later returned to Ponyville for Cutie Mark Crusader Appreciation Day, part of an effort to show Scootaloo's parents her reasons for remaining in Ponyville. As one of numerous guests to be assisted by Scootaloo and her friends, Terramar praised their helpfulness to non-ponies in particular, and shared a claw bump with Gabby the Griffon at the shared sentiment.[4] When the Legion of Doom plunged Equestria into the Apocalypse, Terramar was present in Seaquestria as Silverstream appealed to their people to help the ponies against their foes. Terramar joined the army of allies who appeared to confront the villains, but hung back at their gathering point with his sister and her friends rather than charging in to battle.[5] Years later, he would be remembered among various acquaintances of the Mane Six, though curiously by Fluttershy whom he was not known to have interacted with.[6]


In other media

Terramar is a character in My Little Pony: Magic Princess and stays at the Hippogriffian Embassy in Ponyville with General Seaspray, Sky Beak, and Regal Hippogriff. He has a story role in the School Daze event, which combines elements from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes School Daze and Surf and/or Turf. He was, at one point, incorrectly included in the Young Six character collection.



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