Cobalt Cloudhunter

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Cobalt Cloudhunter
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
NationalityMount Aris?
AffiliationSkipper's crew
Real world
"Open Sky"

Cobalt Cloudhunter was a male, blue hippogriff. A gentleman by nature, Cobalt was kind, polite, selfless, loyal, proud and suave. He was a member of Skipper's crew, a group of adventures who had a catrostrophic journey in Abyssinia. He saved Skipper Sails many times in their adventures, during their confrontation with Rosella's crew, he prepared a lifeboat while in the air for his friends, but his cat friend, Whiskers couldn't make the jump towards it. Cobalt saved his friend as he saved Skipper earlier. However, their escape didn't pan out and they were soon captured. Cobalt threatened to take on the entire crew by himself, but Skipper opted for a more diplomatic solution. However, the diplomacy was cut short when both crews were confronted by Oncoming Storm.

Behind the scenes

Cobalt was created by Zak Barouh. Out of all the members of Skipper's crew, he was the only one given artwork, appearing as a blue Hippogriff with a purple mane and feathers. Two artists were credited for the art of the book, Chris Cæsar and Matthew Incorvati, it's unclear which of the two deisgned and/or illustrated Cloudhunter as he appeared in teh story.

A character named Stratus Skyranger appeared in Magic Princess baring an uncanny resemblance to Cobalt.


# Book Story Published Note
Only appearance The Official Movie Sourcebook "Open Sky" August 28, 2018


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