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Sky Beak
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesHippogriff  • Seapony
ResidenceHippogriffian Embassy (mobile game)
FamilyHippogriff royal family
Real world
"School Daze"
"The Ending of the End"

Sky Beak was a male Hippogriff.


At an unknown point during the Era of Twilight, Sky Beak married Ocean Flow, and the couple had two children: their daughter Silverstream and their son Terramar. After the Storm King was defeated and Mount Aris was regained, Sky Beak was among those who chose to return to life as a Hippogriff rather than remaining as a Seapony in Seaquestria. He was joined in this by Silverstream and a number of other relatives, while Ocean Flow preferred to remain underwater. This separation didn't cause any enmity in the family, but Terramar-unbeknownst to his parents-felt torn between the two homes his family had chosen.

Sky Beak was present when Applejack arrived to invite Silverstream back to the School of Friendship, from which she had been withdrawn after it was forcibly closed by Chancellor Neighsay of the Equestrian Educational Association. However, he made no comment as General Seaspray informed Applejack that Silverstream had gone missing.[1] Sky Beak later served as an officiant at a "Glad to be a Hippogriff" Festival on Mount Aris and engaged in an aerial race with a fellow Hippogriff. He was pleased to see that Terramar had arrived in time for the festival, and extremely enthusiastic when he learned that his son was acting as a tour guide for the visiting Twilight Sparkle and Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Eager to show Twilight around Mount Aris, Sky Beak took her in tow while Terramar continued to guide the Cutie Mark Crusaders; Sky Beak also signed a permission slip to allow Silverstream to go on field trips for the school. He later arrived on Mount Aris beach with a group of Hippogriffs to invite Twilight to yet another event, just as Ocean Flow and several seaponies appeared to invite her to an activity in Seaquestria. Pleasantly surprised to see each other, Sky Beak and his wife began chatting, and were soon at the center of a group of happily reconnecting Hippogriffs and seaponies. After learning of Terramar's recent anxieties, Sky Beak and Ocean Flow took it upon themselves to assure their son that he was welcome to continue moving between both of his homes as he chose and wasn't obligated to permanently settle in one place or the other.[2]

Sky Beak would later be called upon to sign another permission slip, this time to allow Silverstream to return to Ponyville ahead of the upcoming term at the School of Friendship. After Silverstream presented her reasons for wanting to do so, Sky Beak and his wife-and Terramar-willingly signed, and were thanked enthusiastically by their daughter and sister.[3] Later, when Silverstream went missing, Sky Beak and his wife coordinated a widespread search for their daughter.[4] On another occasion, he visited the School of Friendship for a parent-teacher conference, but had difficulty in understanding Big McIntosh due to the stallion's tendency to use as few words as possible.[5]

When the Legion of Doom plunged Equestria into the Apocalypse, Sky Beak was among the many creatures who assembled near Canterlot in order to join the future Council of Friendship in battling their foes.[6] Later, he would be among the many attendees of the Coronation of Twilight Sparkle as Queen of Equestria. Years later, he would be remembered among the Council of Friendship's various family, friends, and acquaintances. Somewhat curiously, he would be remembered by Pinkie Pie, who was not known to have ever interacted with him.[7]


Deeply proud of his Hippogriff heritage, Sky Beak took the lead in various festivities on Mount Aris. Despite this, he was accepting of both his wife’s decision to live in Seaquestria and Terramar’s wish to move back and forth between homes. A loving father, he was greatly interested in his children’s doings and sought to support them and do what he could to insure their happiness and safety. This included granting Silverstream permission for school trips and attending conferences, as well as leading the search for her after she disappeared at the school. Sky Beak also demonstrated bravery in joining the army of Equestria’s defenders during the Apocalypse.

In other media

Sky Beak is a character in My Little Pony: Magic Princess and stays at the Hippogriffian Embassy in Ponyville along with General Seaspray, Terramar, and the Regal Hippogriff. He serves as a boss during the "Convocation of the Creatures!" storyline, which depicts him as an attendee of the Convocation of the Creatures from the comic storyline of the same name.



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