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Not to be confused with Alice, the Legend from the Land of Legends who was mentioned in "Through the Door"
BGE Alice.png
Species Deer
Kind Reindeer
Gender Female
Occupation Gift Giver
Nationality Frozen North?
Residence The Grove
Family Aurora (presumed)
Bori (presumed)
First "Best Gift Ever"

Alice is the youngest of the three Gift Givers of the Grove and is also the most youthful in spirit and personality. Unlike her two elders, she's energetic, spunky and clumsy. She has a green coat, green mane, green eyes and slightly aquamarine antlers. Her existence, like with the others, is largely a mystery to most, with the only people to know about her being Yak Princes and Pinkie Pie.


Alice has the ability to foresee the history of gifts future, while Aurora can do the same with gifts past. Together, they can create perfect gifts for anyone who requests while Bori mediates them, making sure they're in line. When Pinkie Pie visited their abode, Alice enthusiastically helped create the perfect gift for her. After the "perfect gift" defeated The Pudding, Alice and the others flew around the Castle of Friendship, celebrating a job well done.


Alice was the most youthful of the three and most playful. She was friendly but energetic, and despite her youthful spirit, loved her job.

Powers and abilities[edit]

  • Gifts future: Alice can see the history of gifts future, allowing her to create thoughtful gifts for others.



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