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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesUnknown. Resembles Nightmare Forces and Umbrum but is highly unlikely to be related to either
ResidenceNightmare Vortex (mobile game)
AffiliationStorm King's empire (formerly)
Real world
"Storm King"
My Little Pony: Magic Princess

Strife was the second-in-command of the Storm King army. He served as the more meek scholarly type who organized the kingdoms resources. Although immoral, Strife was more sensitive and emotional. Upon realizing that Storm King didn't care about him, he refused to serve the empire and moved on with his life.


Storm King's servant

Strife was presumably present during the Destruction of a dozen lands era of Storm Empire history. After getting fed up with the immature and juvenile behavior of his lord, Strife requested the empire go ahead and conquer Panthera, the capital of Abyssinia. Strife wasn't present at the actual battle site, but was soon to be the one who added up the Empire's newly gained riches. Afterwards, despite all o Strife's hardwork, the Storm King insisted that the two are not friends. Strife, defeated, admitted that he was nothing more than a servant.[1]

The sky pirates

Sometime later, Strife abandoned his role as servant and got in contact with Captain Celaeno and her crew. Through the use of a magic teleporting bottle, he sent a message to the Sky Pirates, requesting them to steal and plunder all of the Storm Empire treasure ships while providing a map.[2] Later, during the battle, the Storm King appeared to be surprisingly heartbroken by the betrayal by the one being he seemed attached to. Strife used the King's own "friends are a liability" philosophy against him. During the chaos, Strife flew away to one of Celaeno's ships.[1]



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