Jim (Troll)

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Biographical information
SpeciesTroll  • Cave Troll
ResidenceAppaloosan Mountains

Jim was a Cave Troll who lives in Appaloosan Mountains. Jim first encountered the Mane Six when they first entered the cave and was instantly enamored by their hair and general cuteness. Although he truly meant no harm, his childish antics quickly drove the ponies crazy. With quick thinking, Rarity managed to deter the troll by creating rock replicas of themselves. Much to her chagrin, he referred to the rock replica of herself as "George". Jim would come to the ponies aid when they were attacked by the Spider Monsters and would keep the largest spider as a pet, naming it F'Wuffy.[1]

Fluttershy kept a picture of Jim in her cottage.[2]

At some point, Jim was discovered and deemed a "pest". His face was plastered side-by-side Queen Chrysalis and Iron Will as a series of warning posters.[3]


Jim is a large, humanoid troll with incredibly thick and muscular limbs. He has gray-blueish skin and a heart tattoo.[1]


Despite his large and imposing stature, Jim is a gentle giant who doesn't know his own strength. Fluttershy referred to him as a sweetheart, and for good reason, although he got in the ponies way and annoyed them, he meant no harm and was endlessly affectionate to them. He came to their aid when they were in harms way and was very friendly the whole way.[1]

In his later appearance, Jim was given an angrier, meaner expression and was deemed an annoying pest by the monarchs of the world.



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