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This page is about the IDW Publishing character; for the scrapped character from My Little Pony: The Movie, see Cosmos.
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
ResidenceOuter space
Real world
Friendship is Magic #75

Cosmos was a mysterious entity from the stars above.



Cosmos was a being of great power, but her origins remained unclear. She fell in love with Discord, but Discord feared her. Discord was always horrified by her power; the fact that she used it to actively hurt others, while he just wanted to have fun. Her malicious, awful and abstract personality caused her to be banished by Princess Celestia, Luna, King Aspen and the King and queen of Abyssinia in order to lock her awya in the Andalusian constellation. However, a shooting star disrupted her banishment and shards of her flew down towards Equestria.

Discord found one of the shards and buried it in the Everfree Forest, where it was never found until he had to dig it back up.

Possession of Twilight Sparkle


Cosmos was an abusive lover towards Discord, causing him to deeply fear her, yet at the same time, he did appear to have some affection towards her, solemnly saying good-bye to her, even though her presence caused him great pain. Their relationship was officially described as being like the Joker and Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series, with her being the Joker to Discord's Harley Quinn. She was very cruel, manipulative and destructive, with Discord timidly telling Fluttershy that she "hurt people" with her powers, while he just wanted to goof off.

When she possessed Twilight Sparkle, she displayed a very wrathful and angry personality, but was also intelligent and used her powers to exploit the weaknesses of her enemies, like when she used ranged attacks to handily defeat Applejack. She was pragmatic and quick to action, quickly possessing Celestia and Luna in order take over Equestria, while also taking out Kibitz and Raven Inkwell to remove and opposition.

Behind the scenes

Cosmos was initially described as making Discord look like Batman: TAS Harley Quinn and being the most "galactic" villain yet.


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