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Stygian (Darkness • Pony of Shadows) • Mirror-Universe

The Darkness was a malevolent entity of pure shadow encountered by Stygian in the Well of Shade.


The exact origins of the Darkness are unknown, with both its birth and placement in the Well of Shade being mysterious. The first known record of its existence was when Stygian met it after being cast out by the Pillars of Equestria. It promised Stygian great power, and the Unicorn accepted its offer, with the two merging to become the Pony of Shadows. Together they sought to extinguish all light in Equestria, with the Darkness playing on Stygian's feelings of abandonment.

After uncovering records of Stygian's fall, his descendant Shadow Lock feared that the Darkness might eventually claim him as well, unaware that it had been trapped with Stygian. When the Pillars and the Mane Six attempted to banish the Pony of Shadows back to limbo, Twilight Sparkle discovered that Stygian and the Darkness were separate entities. She and Starlight Glimmer attempted to help Stygian break free, but the Darkness' hold on him was such that it took the power of the Pillars, Sunburst, the Mane Six, Starlight, and the Elements of Harmony to pull him free from its grip. Left without a host, the Darkness was drawn back into limbo, where it presumably remains.


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